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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Not Signing Up For the Guild Wars 2 Beta

Even though I indicate above that this blog includes posts from Tyria, I have actually posted very little about Guild Wars 2. I follow Hunters Insight and get news about the game from various sources. But the last two betas I was involved in spoiled the opening of the game for me to point that I am not very interested in doing it again. I didn't play the original Guild Wars, and don't intend to change that anytime before the sequel comes out. I hope to catch maybe a novel or some other background on the game. But I hoping to recapture a little of the wonder I experienced those first few months I played WoW. Involvement in the beta will only dilute that experience, at best. So while I eagerly look forward to the release of GW2, I will not be in the beta.


  1. While I understand your position I cannot concur sir!

  2. I totally understand. I'm in the same boat, except I did play the original GW. I'm looking forward to GW2, and I want to just take it as it comes. I've even avoided a lot of preview stuff, though I love the "designer" posts from Arena Net.

    I played the Allods beta, and it just made me sad when they changed the game in significant ways on release. I played the Perpetuum beta, and it just made me madder that the game is a sub game, as I did want to play more.

  3. I love being surprised by new games and thus avoid betas like the plague. Plus it's hard enough to get me to level alts (except in SWTOR, anyway) so the thought of leveling up and then losing all my progress makes me really angsty.

  4. Before I beta'd LotRO I only beta'd games. I loved trying to break them, finding problems, ... Since LotRO (it's my main game) I don't beta nearly as much as I used to but I signed up for this one. I was super stoked for GW2 until I watched the video put out with the press-beta posts. Still, would love to help out and hopefully, find a receptive dev team to work with. Understand what you're saying, though. I skip beta testing from time to time for new stuff coming out in LotRO just for that reason. Surprise and new are awesome.

  5. I won't be either, but only because I'm not interested in GW2 at all. I will even venture to go so far as to say that I am at a loss to explain why its a big deal. But then, looking back, I always felt that way about the first one as well.

  6. @hzero: I never played the first one, but my friends who did enjoyed it and extolled the virtues of the F2P model over WoW's subscription model, which I played at the time. I am interested to play GW2, now that I have been broken of the one-MMO mentality.

    @Hunter: I figured you would not concur. Have fun in the beta (you deserve to get in more than most, I should think.

    To everyone else: thanks for the comments. I hope the game is lots of fun.