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Monday, June 21, 2010

Blogs I Can and Can't Get To From Work

The net nanny they use at work is really strange. It seems to allow any WordPress blog and block any other gaming related blog. That might be an incentive to make the switch, if I didn't strongly prefer the Blogger interface. I guess I should be glad I can get to anything, but it's interesting and sometimes frustrating to see what gets blocked.


MMO Gamer Chick

Harbinger Zero

The Engines Cannae' Take It!

Startrek: Tirpitz

Manifest Pixel

Hunters Insight

Phentari Press

The Ancient Gaming Noob


Combat Archaeology

I Have Touched the Sky (my own!)

West Karana

Ardent Defender

Blue Kae


  1. WEEEIRD. One would think it's as simple as wordpress vs. blogger, but I'm fairly certain AyAitch still uses wordpress interface even though he's switched to his own domain.

    And why was it you didn't like wordpress again? I used to use blogger and found wordpress hard to get used to, but now it's really grown on me.

  2. You can't even get the wordpress blogs that have bought a url of their own. Tipa and AH also use wordpress. Good grief!

  3. I added Blue Kae to the "Can't" list. I did notice that, though Tipa, AyAitch, and Brian all use wordpress, they each publish under their own URL.

    As I recall, the reason I stayed with Blogger is that WordPress did not allow the detailed customization I had grown used to with Blogger (i.e., font characteristics, backgrounds, etc.) Well, I think they actually did, but for a fee. I grew accustomed to CSS and meticulous control when messing with MySpace. I think the limitations WordPress imposes are silly at best, and mercenary at worst.

    Not a rant, just an observation. There are many fine folk that use WordPress.

  4. WHAT

    haha, awesome post. MY old URL - warpcorebreach.wordpress.com - redirects to the 'new' site. Maybe you can get to my site that way?

  5. You can post to blogger via email, but it messed up formatting around pictures the last time that I tried it. I find it so annoying being forced to sit in those not quite even cubicles with about half of the internet randomly blocked.

  6. The funny thing is I can get to the blog composition page on the Blogger Dashboard; I made the list from my desk. I just can't see the blog itself.