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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Happy (Con)trails

Well, well, this place has gotten a bit dusty. *looks at the last post* DECEMBER! I have been neglectful, even missing my blogoversary. True that RL has kept me pretty busy, traveling to Korea in February to see Black Panther, and preparing for a trip to Germany for some Hefeweizen later this month. (Not really. Both trips have been for work, and I don't even like beer.) My autumn's ramped-up travel schedule is only continuing—and even increasing—this spring.

Which brings me to this post. I just canceled my WoW subscription again yesterday evening. I had barely played since November, and Neither has Scooter, who canceled her account before it billed again this month. Technically, mine is active until mid-April, but I am unlikely to get a chance to jump back on before it does. And because it's due to scheduling rather than lack of interest, I don't have any other game I'm planning to replace it. This is the first time in nearly 12 years that I am not actively playing or at least subscribed to some MMORPG.
What's that mean for IHTtS? I'm not sure. I suspect I've fallen off several blogrolls of late due to my inactivity. Life rolls on, I suppose. And it seems like Scooter and I are busier than ever. Even our tabletop efforts have fizzled. Too many of my blog posts over the past year or two have been sort-of apologies for not posting more, but there we are. I'm not taking down the blog, but I'm not sure when I'll be posting again, and what I'll be posting about. I may share some photos from Korea, and Germany, as I have in the past, but I have no plans to turn this into a travel blog. And I'm active-ish on Twitter and Instagram. So, if you're subscribed, you may see a post come across your inbox every once in a while, but don't expect it to be any kind of regular for some time to come.
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