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Monday, June 6, 2011

Guess Who's Got the Fastest Ship in the Sector?

I normally don't post about SWTOR, but today's release of the cinematic trailer "RETURN" has me very excited. An excellent profile of a Gunslinger (Smuggler advanced class) in action. The slo-mo beginning at 1:50 is made of pure awesome. In addition, the video further develops the story of Darth Malgus and the Jedi Satele. Is it just me, or have the trailers been presented in reverse chronological order, much as the Timeline segments on SWTOR.com have been?

This video has helped solidify my interest in the Gunslinger class, like they dropped Mal Reynolds into the Star Wars universe. Still not sure if it will be my Main, that will depend on DGF and her faction preference. Oops, she just told me she wants to be a bounty hunter. ("We don't need their scum.") So it looks like either an imperial agent or a Sith Inquisitor for our "SO leveling contract." I'm not really interested in a Sith Warrior, though I will probably try one as an alt. Heck, maybe we'll dual run as Bounty Hunters. I wonder how the individual class storylines fit in with duos, like MMOGC and her husband, and DGF and I, trying to play together.

So: Gunslinger for my Solo Main, no pun intended.