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Friday, June 4, 2010

WoW Nerd in Deutschland: Part II

Anyone up for a trip through pre-Culling Stratholme? I'm pretty sure Marburg, Hessen, is the sort of town the developers had in mind when they designed Strat, even way back during WCIII. I especially liked this building and others close to it, because they looked unreal, having recently been painted. But those are real timbers in the walls.


  1. It reminds me more of Bree in LOTRO. The style of the house is called "Fachwerk". And I agree, it somehow looks unreal, especially when the paint is new. Whole cities looked like this back in the days.

  2. I can see how there would be a Bree resemblance. The term "half-timbered" is used in anglo-phone countries, though "fachwerk" is known.

  3. I love that style of architecture!

    Anyway, I showed my husband your Germany pics. He wants to know where abouts you are?

  4. I am staying in Darmstadt in the Staat of Hessen, about a half hour or so from Frankfurt. If he likes Google Maps/Earth, it's easy to just plug in the names of the towns I've mentioned in the posts. :)