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Saturday, June 5, 2010

WoW Nerd in Deutschland: Part III

And final for now, unless something really strikes me while sight-seeing tomorrow. Although this will be the biggest and in some ways the most varied of the pic sets, though it was all of the same castle.
Burg Rheinfels at St. Goar am Rhein, Rhineland-Palatinate, gave my WoW-playing coworker/friend and me plenty of inspiration. Being the ruin that it is, there were many parts that reminded us of different sections of the Human- and Forsaken-controlled areas of Azeroth. In the pic above, one of my other friends descends a very steep stair toward the entrance/exit of the main castle. This stair reminded me of the wooden structures in Shadowfang Keep, some parts of which I also think of as fairly precarious. My friend said that on his previous visits, this stair was simply a ladder. Other less photogenic parts of the ruined castle also resembled Shadowfang and other spooky areas of Azeroth--minus the hostile worgen and undead, of course. While it was a beautiful day when we visited, I kind of wish it had been overcast, which is how I picture medieval times.
From different angles, Burg Rheinfels reminded me of Stromgarde in the Arathi Highlands. The blue sky helped, in this case.
The Burg is even terraced, like Stromgarde. Similar to the capital of Arathor, it also overlooks a body of water, the Rhine, not visible in these photos. I can certainly envision myself doing battle with the Syndicate (and the Stromgarde soldiers on my Hordies) on these ramparts.
The last pic of Burg Rheinfels shows the flags of Germany and the hotel that operates out of a couple of the outbuildings at the site. This photo was my attempt to capture something like Stormwind itself; though the resemblance to the last great Human city is only passing at best.
Well, like I said, this concludes my tour of Azerothian Germany, unless something awesome pops up tomorrow. I took many other photos, this place is gorgeous. But most of them don't actually remind me of Warcraft at all. I hope you enjoyed coming with me, and also that you get the opportunity to visit this part of the world yourself.


  1. Only question remains. Is there anything in Germany that does not remind you of Azeroth? :)

    And... it's Deutschland! Not Deutchland! We are not Dutch! :)

  2. Well crap, now you tell me. Oh and re-read the last paragraph.

  3. My husband has taken boat rides down the Rhine on his trips to Germany for work, and said he might have seen that castle :P

  4. I am sure he did. St. Goar is a stop for a lot of those tourist cruises.