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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nothing But Pics

I have a story coming to go with some of these pics, but I just had to get them out. They are gorgeous.

First, some pics of Rowan and Enura's first trip into an instance, with guildies from Simple Complexities--Nefret (sp?), Ethariik, and Misinformation:
Nefret's Glass Artillery (a graphics glitch)

A snow storm in the Realm of the Fae.
Having been in a real snowstorm, this was very impressive.
Battling Fae Lord Twyl

Pics of my new Guardian Warrior, Thuja (Estrael):
With Prince Zareph, surveying the Destruction of Mathosia
Heh, who's complaining about the armor?
She doesn't look like she'll betray anyone.
Battling the "Evil" Orphiel Farwind.
Receiving the third Soul
I would love to get pair of those blades she has.
Racing to defeat Aedraxis
Thuja's Divine gift shows through.
The Shade of Regulos
Port Scion
Lord Runeclift on the Founders' Threshold Bridge


  1. Wow pretty. The "Receiving the 3rd Soul" screenie and the last one are my favorites. I think I have a thing for wings ^_^

  2. Ja, I stood there for several minutes snapping screenies of the Messenger of the Vigil, trying to get her wings and the right light synced. Runeclift was much easier.

    I personally love the realism of the horses and the "late afternoon" light that washes over Mathosia in waves.

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