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Monday, May 30, 2011

Adieu, Admiral Starblanket. Commander Locke

So I canceled my subscription to Star Trek Online today. I just have not been playing it enough, between Rift and the dungeon runs I'm doing in WoW with RL friends. Much as I am going to miss the idea of having adventures with Rowan and Locke, the truth is I haven't been playing very much. I may still write some stories starring one or other STO crew, but for now they're on hiatus.


  1. Aw, shame, and they just put out two great remastered episodes too :( But I understand, with real life and two other MMOs on your plate. I've honestly considered unsubbing to STO myself, but they always seem to keep pulling me back. This weekend I also dropped $3 and change on that massive STO Steam sale, got some exclusives and best of all another free 30 days out of it. So I'll be sticking around for at least another month, it seems.

  2. They do keep improving. But this decision has been a long time coming, mostly because of my own procrastination. The last few months, I'd be lucky to play once every couple weeks. Once or twice a week would be worth the sub, but not once or twice a month.

    As HZero pointed out in his latest post (http://hzero.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/the-dilution-of-the-f2p-market), there is a continuity to playing an MMO regularly that is lost when you don't. I lost the continuity in STO, always slightly bewildered by what I needed to prioritize whenever I got on. I never wanted to take time to do housekeeping (inventory, crafting,etc.) because I was on so little.

    It all boils back down to the monthly cost. Plus, I spent more from the C-store in a year than I ever have in five years from the Blizzard store. If STO ends up F2P, I might check it out again. I am already debating what I'll do when SWTOR comes out.