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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quote of the Day: Carrots

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The spark was lit. Quests! Direction! Level 55! I keep thinking about how much I love the freedom to just choose to do whatever you want in games, but I frequently need to get reminded that sometimes I really need that carrot to get me back on track.

While many people are happy to strike out on their own and do their thing, I've always preferred to be drawn through the game by the story. This was not always the case, exactly. I like real-time strategy games a lot, though the last one I played seriously was Command & Conquer: Generals. Once I started playing MMORPGs--read: WoW--I found that I wanted to find out the stories of the characters I encountered. Some of them wanted me to do stuff for them; others, when the time was right, sent me on my merry way to the next place that people needed an adventurer. I explore and find interesting nooks in the Worlds I visit, but mostly I like a reason to go somewhere. Much like Conan the Cimmerian, "I live, . . . I love, I slay, and am content."

Oh! and sometimes, the cake is not a lie.


  1. Thanks for the notice!

    I find what I desire in a game changes frequently so it is nice to have an MMO that can meet many play styles. It is also why I tend to play a many variety of games over time. It all depends on my mood and my free time. But lately it has been nice to just have a character ask me to do something for them and learn a little bit of story at the same time.

  2. Thank you for having such a great blog. We all have different wants and needs for our recreation. I know some people who like running.