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Torn apart by the atrocities of war. Those who kept the faith and those whose faith was shattered. Opposite sides of a gulf too wide to cross. But they are connected nonetheless, linked by ties stronger than creeds, stronger than blood. . .

Server: The Ebon Hawk:


Human, Sith Marauder
Ship: the Tempest
"Let me show you the true nature of the Force."

Her name is the Genus for a South American plant commonly called Strangler Vine.

A member of a Noble House of Naboo, Morrenia was identified as a Force sensitive by agents of the Sith and recruited by overseer Tremel in a powerplay against Darth Baras. Accustomed to privilege and adept in the Force, she took her training and the carefully arranged trials for granted, and was not particularly disciplined. Her tendency toward sardonic quips was the cause of great consternation on the part of her former Master; though it amused Morrenia's slave, Vette, at least as long as her biting wit wasn't directed at the Twi'lek treasure hunter. Following her betrayal by Darth Baras, Morrenia was appointed to be the Emperor's Wrath, a position formerly held by only one other. The drawn-out conflict with Baras tempered her into a finely honed instrument of the Dark Side. Seeking out the Sith Emperor in deep space after the disaster on Ziost, Morrenia was captured by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul and frozen in carbonite for five years before being rescued by her former lover, the Sith Lana Beniko.

Morrenia's haughty manner comes from her upbringing among the movers and shakers of Theed palace. But Morrenia is gracious and protective of those in her inner circle, while utterly ruthless with those outside it. Unlike many among the Sith, Morrenia seeks power only as a means to an end, she has little political ambition. Her slight form belies Morrenia's vicious skills in lightsaber combat. Wielding a blade in each hand, she pounces on her enemies with little warning, cutting them far deeper with the plasma than with even her rapier tongue.

Morrenia is the culmination of a sort of fascination I have with this character model: Body 1 (thin), Asian physiognomy, striking purple make-up. She is the third such figure, the first being Heliantha, a dark Jedi Consular I started in order to re-familiarize myself with that story, with the intent to continue my Sage, now named Rowanblaze (more about her later, too), who is about to depart Coruscant. The second Kabuki-esque Heliantha was/is a Sith Marauder on Begeren Colony that I started on Saturday afternoon. But Scooter, understandably, wanted to continue to build her Legacy on The Ebon Hawk, so I went ahead and started my warrior over on that server. As I had already named a character Heliantha, I searched for another name that I liked and had some meaning. With Morrenia, I made her as pale as I could, so she really does look like she could be on stage in Tokyo, or at home among the courtiers of Naboo.


Rattataki, Powertech
Ship: the Wayfarer
"My trigger finger needs some exercise."

Named for several different plants. The Texas Silverleaf is perhaps the most apropos, given where I personally live and my SWTOR legacy.

Xuxuy Tesig is a Rattataki warrior and champion gladiator who spent time as a mercenary before being discovered and recruited by the bounty hunter Braden into a team trying to get into the Mandalorian Great Hunt. Claiming that all the best hunters had nicknames, Braden's dataslicer, Mako, gave Tesig the appellation "Silverleaf." His facial scar is the result of an almost disastrous fight with a nexu in The Cauldron on Rattatak. The nexu's hide now decorates Silverleaf's quarters on his pirated D5-Mantis, dubbed the Wayfarer—again by Mako.


Mirialan, Republic Commando
Ship: Havoc's Honor
"There's some good in this world... and it's worth fighting for."

Her name recalls the martial prowess of the Greek hero Achilles, and is the genus name for yarrow, a medicinal herb used by him to treat his wounded men in Homer's Iliad.

Lieutenant Achillea Sunsage is a Republic Army medic who has risen quickly through the ranks as a result of the defection of her special forces squad, codenamed "Havoc," and her subsequent pursuit of her former comrades. Like many of her people, Achillea has a strong sense of right and wrong, and will not compromise her principals for any reason, which occasionally gets her in hot water with her commander, General Garza. But she is loyal to her new squad, developing especially close relationships with the Imperial defector, Elara Dorne, and her second-in-commend, Aric Jorgan. Her facial tattoos symbolize her skill in marksmanship and the healing arts.

Admittedly, I don't have much of a backstory for Achillea. But she is a direct spiritual successor to my TSW Illuminati character, Samantha "Lonestarbelle" Hawthorn, a smart, tough-as-nails maverick, doing the right thing despite the disapproval of her superiors. I had an Achillea during my original tenure in SWTOR, but decided to start her over when Scooter decided she wanted a new smuggler.


Human, Sith Sorcerer
"The Force is strong with this one."

Her name is a Slavic variant of Valeria; the Latin root means "to be strong" or "to be healthy." Valerian is an herb with many medicinal uses.

Valerija is a former slave from the Outer Rim, both strong in the Force and bearing a striking resemblance to her Sith mentor, Darth Zash. Little does she know, Zash plucked her out of obscurity with ulterior motives. Despite the prejudice of Harkun, her Sith Overseer on Korriban, Valerija excelled at her trials, managing to tap into both the Dark and the Light to accomplish the tasks set out for her.

Force Lightning the primary visual effect of Sorcerer abilities, is supposedly only available to adherents of the Dark Side. But, of course, the game mechanics allow for a purely Light Sith, which is the direction I've taken Valerija. Hence her ability to tap into both Sides.

After having been through the first part of the Inquisitor story with Tollkirsche (below), I thought it would be funny if the Inquisitor actually looked like the NPC, Lord Zash. So I designed her by following Zash's appearance, then changing the body and complexion slightly, making Valerija a softer, curvier version of the Sith Lord. Though not visible here, Valerija wears trousers rather than the traditional robes of a Sorcerer.


Sith Pureblood, Gunslinger
Ship: the Jewel of Vasar
"Sorry about the mess."

His name comes from an Italian wine grape cultivar, and means "Red Dawn." It kind of sounds like a good name for a pirate. And Albarossa is decidedly Dark.

Captain Naqis Albarossa is a tough-as-nails freighter pilot and free trader who will take just about any job if there are enough credits involved. Unlike many of his species, Albarossa is not force sensitive, and his parents were also free traders, piloting the XS Freighter Apex Fynock. While his ancestral home is the planet Ziost, Albarossa was born in space. Young Naqis spent his childhood aboard the Fynock, visiting many ports throughout the galaxy well into his youth and young adulthood. Eventually, the Red Sith trader was able to purchase a ship of his own, the Jewel of Vasar.

There were more credits in semi-licit arms deals, and Albarossa was among the best of smugglers until a milk run to Ord Mantell went south. Double-crossed by Skavak, a thief who hijacked the Jewel along with its cargo of small arms and explosives, Albarossa was stranded on the civil war-torn world with a price on his head from the crime boss Rogun the Butcher, the owner of the stolen merchandise. Reluctantly teaming up with Corso Riggs, a Mantellian mercenary with a grudge and a gun fetish, Albarossa scrounged tickets to Coruscant. He managed to reacquire the Jewel, even though Skavak continued to elude him. Aboard the Jewel Albarossa found himself with a passenger and a new cargo. While he doesn't quite trust Risha, she has promised a series of deals that will make our good captain rich beyond his dreams.

Albarossa can literally charm the pants off many of the ladies he encounters, who find his smoldering eyes and chiseled visage irresistible. However, dark and greedy, he's all about the credits, and woe be unto anyone who stands between him and that big payday. The "over-grown padawan" Riggs is unhappy with his new sidekick's decisions most of the time.

I came to realization while gathering info for this page that I'd written two slightly different backstories for the good captain. Hence the two ships names. The Fynock came to be his parents' ship, while Albarossa's own freighter became the Jewel. When I finished Tollkirsche, my Red Sith Assassin, I thought it would be cool to have a Light Jedi of the same race. Obviously, Albarossa is not quite the gentle snowflake I'd envisioned.

I had a difficult time coming up with a good name that fits my general theme. But I like how his name is sort of descriptive—he's kind of the color of red wine—while also making him sound a bit like a pirate. I also like how most of the darkside conversation choices make him sound a bit tougher. I always thought the male smuggler sounded like a milquetoast, wishing they'd used the gravelly baritone who voiced Nico Okarr in the "Return" trailer. As it turns out, the smuggler's spineless tone was as much a result of the lightside dialogue I'd been choosing as the performance of the voice actor. Now all I need is a cool hat... and a duster.


Cyborg, Imperial Operative
Ship: Vesper
"In my experience, there's no such thing as luck."

German for "covert" or "hidden" (sort of pronounced fur-SHTEKT)

Gideon Sho is a cipher agent with Imperial Intelligence, known as "Versteckt." He is also a mole from the Imperial Mercenary Corps (my original guild), a group of anarchist pirates descended from Revan's original army, who settled on a moon that now falls within Imperial space. While playing the part of a loyal spy, Versteckt attempts to subvert Imperial policy at every opportunity—letting dissidents and enemies of the Empire escape to the Republic, secretly sabotaging the war effort on Balmorra, etc. Not that Versteckt is a friend of the Republic by any means, he has no compunction about killing Reps, Gangsters, or anyone else who gets in his way. On the other hand, he is not a walking bloodbath. If there is a way to get what he wants by persuasion—or seduction—Versteckt will take that option.

Versteckt is adept at close quarters combat, field medicine, and counterespionage. Versteckt's natural abilities have been enhanced by various cybernetic implants, the most obvious being a Visual Enhancement & Augmented Reality System (VEARS).

My original idea for his name was "Cypher," but that was unavailable for reasons that will be apparent to anyone who has run through the Agent storyline. Versteckt was the only character I got to max level during our first run in SWTOR. I always liked the slick, debonair look he has, I simply had to make him a cyborg just for those shades. However, I find it a little odd that his shirt is a little "blurry" no matter what quality my graphics are set to. With the VEARS as I described them, you might think he'd be a Sniper. But on that first run-through, I needed a healer to complement Scooter's Tank. He is still at 50, because Scooter and I haven't picked him or her Bounty Hunter back up since returning.


Pureblood, Sith Assassin
"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

German for belladonna or deadly nightshade (literally, Great Cherry) (sort of pronounced "toll-KEER-shə")

A former slave who has shown tremendous Force potential, Lord Tollkirsche is the former apprentice of the late Darth Zash. Though Pureblood, his origins are actually somewhat obscure, nothing is known of him prior to his appearance on the slave markets of Zygerria. Personality profile indicates an off-balance individual who sadistically delights in the suffering of others; though he shows compassion and a feral sense of justice on random occasions. Tollkisrche is another link to Revan; he was observed making several trips to the Revanite camp outside Kaas City, before departing the system on an errand for his master. It is debatable whether he can be trusted by the Dark Council. However, like a Kaas electrical storm, Tollkirsche is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Tollkirsche was my wildcard back when I played before. I turned off the Light/Dark indicators and just chose what I wanted to do with worrying about the points. I also ended up doing a lot of the space fighter games with him. While upon my recent return, I finished up the second chapter of Tollkirsche's story, I haven't really played since, and my only interest in doing so is to unlock Pureblood for use on the Republic side for Jedi.


Human, Mercenary
"If at first you don't succeed, reload."

German = Willows, also the the name of a town I visited several times while staying in Germany a few years ago.

One of my original characters, Weiden has been on hiatus—stuck on Balmorra—for ages. I loved the idea of the skull facepaint on his dark skin. I'd thought to pick him back up when I got to the right place in the story with Silverleaf, but Scooter likes him better, plus it would create different group dynamic since Scooter's Agent, is a healing Operative.

Believe it or not, I actually have more to come.
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