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Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog Post Breaks

I am curious, what people think of having breaks in the the post that you have click a link to see the whole post?

Like this . . .

Do you consider it more convenient as a reader? Or just annoying? Please comment.


  1. In principle, I like it - it keeps my front page uncluttered and short. That said 1) I noticed GeeCee and Co. never really use them, and that as a reader I didn't find that inconvenient, and 2) I was worried that semi-casual readers might not be inclined to click on the jump link.

  2. I don't use post breaks, but my reasons for not doing so aren't entirely practical. The truth is, I started the blog not using them, and my OCD prevents me from starting something different to my posts that would deviate from the norm.

    Though I do admit, AyAitch (or maybe I gotta start calling him Combat Archaeologist now) might be on to something here...I never thought about this, but I guess I do tend not to click on the jump link on random blogs if I'm just casually browsing.

  3. Hmm, not sure why, but sometimes when I post a comment, it disappears after a while, even though I made sure it shows up for me right after I write it.

  4. I like post break for longer articles. Breaks are a nice way to keep a long article from pushing other recent posts off of the first page or down so far that no one see them. Plus, breaks don't show up in RSS, so people can still read the full article in their reader (unlike using the excerpt/summary feature of WordPress).

  5. I can see your comments fine now, GeeCee.

    I don't usually notice your jumps, AyAitch, because I get email notifications for yours, GeeCee's, and a couple others and either read them in my email or go straight to the post, skipping the main page.

    You know, I've thought similar things about breaks on blogs I read. Depending on my own interest, I may not follow a link when I might have read the whole article if it were all on one page. I see what you mean about really long posts affecting the rest of the front page. I guess that's my answer.

    Thanks for the input, everyone.

  6. Yay, my comments are back...but alas, the one I just posted on your Real ID article disappeared again.

  7. I don't use breaks in post personally over the entire time i've ever posted. I also don't read blogs on RSS either. I actually visit blogs and read the entire content going back to the last post i knew i last read and move forward even if its been a while. But though some others have used breaks not many that i really know thats fine, it can keep more their post on the front page and looks less stretched out maybe.

    like WoWinsider uses lots of breaks on their site on everything, at times i can find it annoying because often its not much after some the break and have to do more needless clicking to reload pages. But then they post like a million times a day on that blog so they have more reason to condense posts with breaks to make them shorter.

    99% of blogs i read i do it on my IPhone and its annoying to have to reload pages to some blogs which consumes battery life while mobile. So often when i have breaks i very often pick and choose what post i'm going to click on more to read vs others due to all the page refreshing.Thus some i end up not reading at all. Without the break i can just scroll down read and keep going but less clicking. Since i read lots of blogs of my IPhone and have for years I can just dial up a persons blog and have several days of post to read all there on one page which is nice.

    For example one the blog i read is Tobold's blog and sometimes haven't read it for days. But since he writes interesting stuff in depth it can be lengthy. But its nice when i'm mobile I can load his blog page and have almost a week of content all there loaded to read without having to reload a page again unless i need to read comments for whatever reason.

    But everyone is different in what they like. You can also keep more stuff on your front page even if you post long posts by deciding how many post stays on your front page at any one time in settings also. I think if you post like very often multiple times a day they there is more a need there to use breaks just do someone visiting can see what you posted like just a few hours ago when your posting again only a few hours later. More the case there to use breaks to keep recent posts at viewing level.

    However i've never gotten used to ever wanting to use breaks, especially when I only post at the most once a day if that at the most. If i posted like multiple times a day on blog i can see more a need with lengthy blog posts as well. However I don't post that often like that to merit the need. Over at World of Matticus another WoW blog favorite he kinda does that on his blog but them Matt post allot. But he also have 2 other bloggers that also contribute and post on his blog also, sometime in the same day so he uses breaks often to keep multiple post in a day in view.

    But its all up to you whatever you choose to do. I also don't read blogs on RSS either, i actually go to the blog and read it incase i missed any changes to the look of things and content as well. We are all different.