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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Updated Miscellany

I am currently reading The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian in my spare time. I have say that so far it's really good. I'll have a full review when I finish.
I also copied my STO toons over the Tribble, the test shard. They are not as high as my fellow bloggers, but I should have a couple of notes on Season 2. Of course, the major reason I am trying it out is the new tribble pet that will come available. A lot of people try to get into massive beta tests--like WOW:Cataclysm, and the upcoming SWTOR beta--because they're excited to see what the game is like, I guess. Beta testing is of course valuable for the developers, especially on a massive scale. But I usually don't like to participate, as it represents wasted time from a gaming/leveling perspective.

I also have a couple stories percolating that I want to get out very soon, but RL has kept me from polishing them the way I'd like.

Happy questing, fellow gamers.


  1. It only took a couple minutes for my captain to be transferred, even though it said it would take two hours. Definitely check out Tribble if you have the chance, there's definitely stuff even for lower characters to see. The new ship interiors are nice, for one.

    And nice pic, and here I thought the costumes on the shows were risque! :P

  2. I picked up the same anthology, and the stories I've read have been really fun. I've heard they only get better, and a little less juvenile. Which is nice, because I do get a little tired of the "Conan you saved me, now let's bang!" motif.

  3. I am just barely up to "The Queen of the Black Coast" and Bêlit is the first woman I can think of to literally throw herself at the barbarian.

    I have enjoyed it so far.