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Friday, April 13, 2012

SWTOR: Sibling Rivalry

Dexy sat back in her seat, thoughts of Coruscant receding behind her. Even though Skavak was still out there, and the Butcher had a price on her head; out here in the black, she was free. Riggs glanced sidelong at her.

"Well, Cap'n, we'll be on Taris in no time."

"All right, let's get this astrogation chart Risha wants."

Riggs should his head. "Do you really trust this lady?"

"Not fully, but we may as well check out her story. Assuming she's honest, this job'll make us rich, and that's after I pay off the Butcher."

Corso shrugged as he unbuckled his launch straps, then head down the stairs. "If you say so, Cap'n. For what it's worth, I don't trust 'er any farther than I throw 'er."

Dexy rose from her the pilot's chair, stretching. "We'll be alright, as long as you've got my back. If this doesn't pan out, I'll dump her out the airlock."
Corso made a face and headed toward the hatch. "Well, I'm gonna go check on the cargo and our stowaway."


"MAKO!" Chico came bounding up the ramp of Renegade I, Gault close on her heels. Over her shoulder, she said, "Get the ship prepped, I wanna be airborne in ten."

"You got it, boss," the Devonian responded cheerfully, and headed off to the engine room. He had a right to be. The bounty on the Ithorian grifter had been generous indeed. Then again, Hutts never take kindly to being conned.

"Mako, where are you? Do we have another job lined up?" Chico called, making her way up to the command deck.

Mako turned from her spot at the holoterminal. "Yep, this one is in Republic space though. Some minor crimelord known as Rogun the Butcher has a high bounty out for a smuggler who lost a weapons shipment on Ord Mantell. Would be lucrative, but the smuggler has proven elusive. Other bounty hunters have sighted--but lost--her on Ord Mantell, Coruscant, and Ragoon VI. In fact, a few have lost their lives in the process. Quite the gunslinger, this one."

"All right, got a name and face?"

"Pulling it up now."

Chico gasped as the face of a red-headed woman in her early thirties appeared on the monitor. Mako caught her reaction. "Dexy Sunfleur, Captain of the Centurion Nightingale. Do you know her?"
Chico didn't look at her slicer. "Yeah I know her. I'm surprised you don't know my real last name, what with all the contacts and feelers you have in the 'net, Mako. Dexy Sunfleur is my sister."

Mako was non-plussed, and Chico stared to the holoimage.

"What have you gotten yourself into, little sister?"

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