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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Got 89 Problems . . .

But a Newbie Blog ain't one.

So far, thanks to Syp's NBI posts,  I have 89 blogs listed for the NBI blogroll in the far right column.


  1. Always good to hear I'm regarded as a problem! xD

    But without sillyness, I never expected to see so many new blogs emerge from the NBI. It's great to find out as a newbie that there are more MMO blogs out there than you thought: before I only found a few and would be too shy to talk to anyone on them. I regularly 'abuse' your NBI blogroll to see if there are any blogs I have not seen yet - there are simply too many to keep up with! Can you really keep track?

  2. XD

    It is exciting to see. I'll keep the NBI blogroll up for a while at least, though I may limit it the 10 or 25 most recent posts. I've mentioned before that's one thing I really like about the Blogger bloglist widget.