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Thursday, May 31, 2012

NBI Wrapup: Why I Blog

When I started blogging a little over two years ago, I thought I would share some in-universe stories—basically fan fiction—and maybe some stories and observations of my actual gaming experiences. It started out as a WoW blog and a STO blog that I quickly merged. I read a few blogs of other people, like MMOGC, Blue Kae, and Scarybooster, plus some other RP/story-related blogs that now seem abandoned for one reason or another. I joined in the conversations on Twitter, and discovered a much larger community of folks interested in the same things I was. And that's really what blogging is about, interacting with others who share your interests, even if they don't share your opinions.

That's the beauty (and danger) of the Internet at large, and the MMO community in particular. Our circle of friends is no longer limited by geography, but can be "customized" to our interests. Ofttimes, the community can seem particularly negative; but that is because people are passionate about their games, and they forget that there are other real people on the receiving end of their rants on the forums, whether other players, or the very human game developers. Other times, the community comes together for a positive reason, like Developer Appreciation Week and this Newbie Blogger Initiative, welcoming new voices. I consider myself very lucky to have been included in such a positive experience this time.

The Newbie Blogger Initiative is by all accounts a rousing success, far beyond the expectations of its organizer, Justin Olivetti, a.k.a. Syp. Below you will find all the new blogs, plus advice from the veterans. I will make sure my own NBI list to the far right is up to date, so you can continue to find these new faces from this page. Congratulations to Syp and all the new and old bloggers. I am glad to be part of this community. May you continue to find friendship amongst your fellow travelers, for many years to come.

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