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Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogging in Paradise . . .

 . . . doesn't work very well. I have the continuation of Rowan's encounter with the Borg wreck half typed. I was writing a longhand manuscript while traveling and in my spare time at work this week. But how can I write when my desktop background looks like this?
I mean, really. . . even if I am honored (very honored) with a mention in We Fly Spitfires' Best of the Rest (Thank you, Gordon!), I can't help breaking away for vistas like this
taken from a little stop right there.
Heck, I haven't even played a game in over a week. I did log on to WoW, but only to see if I got a meet-up date and time with my Guild Master, who is lucky enough to live here. So, Dear Reader, I promise I will deliver the next installment of Rowan's story in a few days--maybe after the sun sets on Paradise.


  1. Honestly if I had views like that I wouldn't be blogging much either :D Right now I'm sitting in a typical Scottish summer - wet and 18C :P

  2. All blogs slow down in the summer, all the vacations and traveling and all. I'm in MA now myself...growing jealous of your view! *looks outside and sees nothing but trucks*

    You're in Hawaii did you say? Lucky! I'll be heading there at the end of the year though, for my cousin's wedding.

  3. Cool, GeeCee! Yep, here for work. But luckily there is a little time for play.

    And Gordon, believe it or not, I love cool and rainy.

  4. Man enjoy the vacation, the blog will be there the vacation wont always be. So enjoy it while it last and be refreshed when you return.