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Monday, September 12, 2011

Quotes of the Day, Plus Some Scattered Thoughts.

From Syp at Bio Break:
. . . sometimes you just want to do something different than head into the lava-spewing wild for the millionth time to cut through a wall of mobs just to click on a glowy.
And from Bhagpuss in a comment on Syp's post:
MMO designers seem to have a depressingly repetitive penchant for using the imminent destruction of the world as a backdrop . . . and still we find ourselves looking for overdue library books or dealing with gambling debts.
I want so much more roleplay than most MMOs I've played seem to offer. I am coming to the slow realization that they probably never will. I'm stuck on the XP treadmill, rather than making questing decisions based on "What is my character's motivation?" I don't need to be the fulfilment of some prophecy made by Salzman from Accounting. Nor do I always want be picking flowers in a bouquet for some guy's girlfriend.

On a much brighter note, my beloved fiancée pointed out in a discussion of our MMO playing habits that she and I have mostly bonded sitting side by side, playing WoW and (especially) Rift. She loves the games and loves playing with me. I am grateful for her, and will continue to play as long as she is interested, because I enjoy exploring worlds with her.


  1. From a plot perspective, TOR is the only MMO that has offered a way out of this doldrum. At least if you find the chat trees of Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic engaging.

    If that doesn't make you feel connected to your world, then you have a few choices. One is to play a true sandbox. EVE, Darkfall, and Pirates of the Burning Sea are the only MMOs I know of off the top of my head where u can both screw and be screwed by anyone at any time (freedom woot!) Not my cup of tea, but I can see the draw.

  2. I disagree with Yeebo "From a plot perspective, TOR is the only MMO that has offered a way out of this doldrum"...


    You will be playing Biowares story, and have to fit YOUR Roleplay around what THEY are delivering.

    Though the story may have many paths, the paths have still been pre-selected for you...

    But, I DO agree with the "sandbox"...but, to be honest, no MMO sandbox offers a viable world to live in (Vanguard was close, but they have revamped it to make it more questy...and of course, the engine is shite)...

    So, until a REAL sandbox MMO world can be offered with hidden stories waiting to happen, ala Oblivion, Elder Scrolls style, then you just need to play the one game that makes you happy to at least log in and do their daily grind.

  3. I will argue no "structured" game can truly give the experience of freeform roleplay, simply because the number or combination of choices a human being can possibly make is astronomical and no amount of coding can ever encompass it all.

    I do think SWTOR comes close in tackling the ssue while working with technology's limitations. Yes, they provide you the overall context and pre-selected choices, but indeed, if you like asking yourself "what is my character's motivation?" then there will be plenty of fun questing decisions for you. I find myself asking that question every time I am faced with a light/dark side choice in beta. And what you decide WILL actually matter!