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Monday, August 27, 2012

Postcards From the Edge . . . of Tyria

OK so—I could go into depth about the awesome time I had playing Guild Wars 2 this weekend. I've ended up in a great meta-guild with Mercy Gaming (my SWTOR guild), and it's a blast to roll with a good krewe (or warband). Of course, there are bugs, and the occasional outage, but that's par for the course with a launch this big. The folks at ArenaNet are doing a great job, working doggedly to make sure we have the best possible experience.

I may have more commentary later in a review, but for now, enjoy some unaltered screenshots and briefs intros of my toons:

My Human Engineer, Heide Uhrmacher (right).
My Sylvari Ranger, Ruadhán Madarch (right).
I wouldn't consider her my Main, but her name is pronounced Roowan.
My Charr Guardian, Kale Knightfury, during the pirate treasure jumping puzzle.
Kale again, without the UI
Kale, ready to jump off the high dive in Lion's Arch.
Kale with his boss. Unlike mine, this boss is an ass.
Tró̱go̱n Thanátou, my Asura Necromancer. Extra points if you can tell me what his name means.
Captain Mor—OK, it's Heide again.
Some ruins of Ascalon in the Black Citadel. I love the misty, painterly look.
More ruins.
Knights of Mercy at the end of an evening pirate treasure run. Special thanks to Althis Megas, a non-guilded player who went above and beyond helping stragglers through a tough jumping puzzle in a dark cavern.


  1. Something "death", that's all I got. I guess I need to put in an app - I figured GW2 to be a secondary game for me, but I haven't touched anything else since the game went live on Friday...

  2. Very good. I'll give others a chance to respond before revealing it. By app, do you mean to Knghts of Mercy? If you're on Fort Aspenwood, I'll vouch for you. Just contact me, rowanblaze.2134.

    1. Wow, no one else responded. It's Greek for "Death Eater." Appropriate for a Necromancer, doncha think?

  3. I logged on last night and checked the guild UI to realize that you were serious - I was going to need you, since you can't search for guilds, at all. So I typed in your number, and started fist pumping and writing you a "hey, its hzero" message...

    And then you logged off, a moment before I hit the send button, lol...

    1. I'll add you to my friends list and keep an eye for you, got your ID from your blog.