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Friday, November 30, 2012

Scarybooster: Blogger Extraordinaire

I has a sad. No, seriously, I'm a little emotional here.

Today marks the last official post from one of my earliest blogging friends, an insightful man with an inimitable way of reminding me and all of his other readers what is really important about gaming. Amazingly, he has written pretty much every post from his fruity smart phone, something I tried a couple times before giving up. His stories and parables humorously illustrate the foibles of the self-appointed MMO critics of the blogosphere and skewer the cynicism of a jaded playerbase. He even had the opportunity to write for MMORPG.com, where, unfortunately, a wider audience just didn't get it.
In the spirit of said anti-cynicism, Scary brought us Developer Appreciation Week, which tradition I plan to continue. Feeling the slow drag of the blogosphere has finally gotten to him, and he is discontinuing his blog for a while. In the meantime, his blog will still be up, so you can peruse his work. He said he may still post occasionally between now and the expiration of his current domain lease, but we won't getting anything regularly from him. I personally hope he gets bit by the writing bug again sooner rather than later.


  1. He did something that still boggles my mind, he wrote a 50k novel for Nanowrimo on his Iphone.

  2. IIRC, Scary started his posting days (or at least I first encountered him) as a guest blogger for BrentBr0's Wall of Text. That was a mere four years ago, but then, in blogger year's that's like, what, 30+?

    1. You have to ask him. I assumed he was a veteran when I came along in January '10. Closing in on three years, myself. Weird.

    2. Thought Scary wrote for a WAR blog too. Something of destruction. He told me once, but I was looking at Porn, and was only have listening.

    3. I seem to remember that as well River. It was about the time a bunch of us started up, along with the beginnings of the Casualties blogger metaguild.

  3. I don't remember when I started blogging, but I will remember the indelible mark of Scarybooster on my writing soul.


  4. Salute Scary Back in the old days of reading blogs his was among one of the first dozen blogs i came across being new to Online Worlds just randomly reading gaming blogs. That seem like Eons ago. It played in some small way in helping me along the way with starting to blog, though it wasn't the main influence, but every bit helps.

    So I Salute him for his contribution to the greater good of the gaming blogosphere that is of today!