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Monday, January 7, 2013

My GW2 Engineer Build: PyroChem

A call for Engineer builds by @Gazimoff on Twitter prompted this post about my Engineer, Heide Uhrmacher. I neither claim full credit for it, nor have I researched its effectiveness vs. other builds. It's a build I have fun with, though, nothing more. I started with mostly turrets, but found them inconvenient, and since I am F-key happy (phat lewtz!), I would often pick them them up in the middle of a fight, with the long cooldowns that involves.  I'd mostly been using Grenades until I read Syp's ode to Pyrotanks. Much of this build is borrowed from him. Coupled with that is the suggestion I got from some now-lost corner of the Innerchoobs that Elixir Gun might be a good choice of weapon kit.

My Action Bar
As you can see from my action bar, I've equipped dual pistols, though I typically use Flamethrower, with Elixir Gun for ranged attack and 5) Super Elixir AoE heal, and grenades. Using Engineer kits negates the stats on weapons, so what you equip in those slots becomes less important. My Skill slots are:
  • 6) Prayer to Dwayna
  • 7) Grenade Kit
  • 8) Flamethrower
  • 9) Elixir Gun
  • 0) Hounds of Balthasar (Human Racial Elite, mostly just trying it out right now)
These skills give me the following toolbelt skills (Just like Batman!):
  • F1) Blessing of Dwayna (minor ground-targeted AoE heal)
  • F2) Grenade Barrage (extra ground-targeted AoE damage)
  • F3) Incendiary Ammo (only useful with my elixir gun or pistols)
  • F4) Healing Mist (character-centered AoE heal)
My current Traits
I've maxed out my Firearms and Alchemy trait lines, giving me an extra 300 Precision, Condition Damage, and Vitality, with an extra 30% Boon Duration. Besides the Defaults, my chosen traits are:
  • Firearms IV: Rifled Barrels, for the increased Pistols and Elixir Gun range.
  • Firearms VIII: Fireforged Trigger, 20% faster recharge on both Flamethrower and Elixir Gun.
  • Firearms XI: Juggernaut, +200 Toughness with Flamethrower equipped, plus stacking Might.
  • Alchemy VI: Protection Injection, damage mitigation if I'm disabled.
  • Alchemy VII: Deadly Mixture, 15% extra damage with both Flamethrower and Elixir Gun.
  • Alchemy IX: Backpack Regenerator, perpetual HoT with all kits (stacks with other "regeneration" boons).
Not Quite Done
I'm still just 75 so I have a few more points to allocate. My plan at 80 is to get Inventions IV: Stabilized Armor, which will mitigate 5% damage when my endurance (the ability to dodge) is full. I'll also have 100 extra Vitality and Healing Power, and I already have the default Low Health Response system that grants a HoT if I am hit while below 25% health.

So that's my Skills and Trait build. I haven't covered underwater combat (USE GRENADES), or Gear/Runes, because I haven't looked really closely at that, other than staying at or close to level. I hope this was helpful to people. :)

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