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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

QOTD: Scarybooster's Back

We interrupt this blog with an important bulletin. Scarybooster has returned to the blogosphere, on our very own Blogspot network:
Don't expect anything. Expect everything!
Scarybooster, Hotdog Social
 That about sums it up. :D


  1. Thanks! I'm sure to scare a lot of readers off.

    1. Screw'em. They don't understand you like I do.

      (Wow, that's a little creepy.)

    2. Good thing about being on blogger is I can comment on your blog using my phone. Which is Android and not iPoopy

    3. Well, then I need a graphic of your superhero holding your Android Phone. :) Be careful of the Blogger app. I uninstalled it after it took a huge byte out of one of my posts. The web version works OK, if a bit clunky on a phone.