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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Scooter and I, on "Bel Folks Stuff"

So a couple weeks ago, Scooter and I got together with Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut to chat about stuff. I had enjoyed his first show, featuring Syl, the MMO Gypsy, and I was thrilled when he asked me to participate in the second one. He put the finishing touches on our interview yesterday and hit the publish button. And here is the result.
We talk about various things, like our gaming history and (at the time) recent news in the MMO genre. Bel says he plans to record future episodes closer to his planned publication date, given the slight timey-wimey-ness of our conversation. Honestly though, I guess I am a bit out of touch, because he mentions things have been resolved that we were speculating on two weeks ago.
Anyway, rather than reading me blather on about the show, why don't you give the podcast itself a listen. We had a good time chatting, and I hope you get a kick out of it.
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