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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Farewell to the Old, Ring in the New

I have always found doing a year-end retrospective a little awkward, since my blogoversary comes so soon in January, and I feel like I would end up being doing essentially the same post over again. But it's great to read about what other folks have thought about 2014, and what their hopes and plans are for the coming year.

After sorta staring at this post for a couple hours (I am actually doing several things right now), I find myself in the same general stupor of thought that has plagued me regarding the blog and gaming since at least September. Even Rift, which I am still interested in, has fallen a bit by the wayside in the wake of a surprisingly busy December.

I'm watching a lot more TV, by way of Netflix. So many nights, it just seems easier to vedge a bit in front of the boob tube instead of pulling out my gaming rig. And that's actually saying something. I have ripped through the first season Agents of SHIELD after having let it fall by the wayside last year. And I am watching Cosmos, with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, which is proving to be an entertaining look at science. While much of it I've known for years, I'm actually learning a lot. I guess I haven't kept up with everything since I've gotten out of college—at least not developing theories.

This weekend, I dipped back into GW2. Almost deleted several characters just to start over, but I resisted the temptation. I'm relearning how stuff works in that game, plus there have been a few changes since my last foray into Tyria. Depending on her mood, I might even convince Scooter to join me. But even I am not really serious about returning. It's a nice diversion, though. Hopefully, January will involve less running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and we can settle back into a decent gaming routine. Telara needs us. Or something.
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  1. Yay Rift! I got back into recently as well, so fun! Gaming and Netflix makes for an awesome weekend!

  2. A happy (belated) new year to you too!

    Cosmos is cool, although I've only watched the first episode so far. In truth, it didn't really appeal to me as it's really aimed at an American public, which has a much higher variety in level of education. But I did like it visually and the fact that the series exists in the first place is super important.

    I find myself watching more TV as well. Something my boyfriend and I like to do during dinner. Am enjoying the Swedish TV series Solsidan at the moment: hilarious at times and good for my rusty Swedish.

    I love your new banner so much btw! Keeps making me chuckle every time I return here. Maybe this is a bit late and you already have had it there for months during my absence (I really couldn't say), but nice job. :)

    1. And a happy new year to you! While certainly enjoyable by all ages, I think Cosmos definitely aims to be understandable and interesting for children. But you're right most of the topics covered are not taught in any great detail in U.S. public schools.

      I'm glad you like the banner. I've had that one up since about mid-November, I think.