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Friday, April 3, 2015

DAW2015: These Are the Voyages...

I'll be doing a Developer Appreciation Week rollup post tomorrow, since I did say folks had until the 4th of April to post. Of course, I will probably add whatever stragglers there are in the next couple days. In the meantime, Belghast has dedicated his weekly Blog Bonanza on MMO Games to DAW 2015.

Cryptic Studios: Star Trek Online
Just over five years ago, a new chapter in the lore of Star Trek launched Online, folding in the events of the "Prime Universe" that led to the formation of JJTrek. It featured the voice talents of no less than Leonard Nimoy, who has since been joined with cast members from the other series.

STO blends great storylines with immersive space combat and team-based ground missions that exude both the feeling of Trek and the responsibility of command. I became so attached to my Captains and their crews, that I still conceive stories for them five years later.

I recently jumped back into the game and created a new Captain to relearn the ropes and see what had changed, only to discover that Cryptic had a grand plan both to recruit new players and to encourage the steely-eyed veterans to rejoin the newbies at the lower levels. This event is called Delta Recruitment, and it just started yesterday. Scooter and I will therefore be creating even newer characters, hopefully tonight.

The folks at Cryptic are enthusiastic about STO and about Star Trek, and it shows. And far as I can tell, they get pretty free rein from their Perfect World overlords, which is also commendable. They've worked hard to make STO a pretty fantastic experience.

The hawkeyes among you, or those with a good memory, may realize that I Have Touched the Sky also launched five years ago. Much of what it is today, IHTtS and I owe to Star Trek Online. Blogging is a great hobby, and I have developed as a writer of both fiction and exposition. Most of my current online friends would be unknown to me if not for this blog; and therefore, if not for Cryptic Studios and STO. And for that I am truly grateful.
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