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Friday, May 8, 2015

The Shadow of a Glorious Name

If I'm gonna tell a real story, I'm gonna start with my name. ~Kendrick Lamar
Following up on yesterday's post about having a single generalized blog, versus multiple specialized blogs, I wanted to discuss what your blog title should be. Last August, during the Aggronaut's Blaugust Challenge, one thing I discussed was where my blog title comes from. I followed it up with a list of other folks who responded to my writing prompt. Besides being interesting reading, I hope that sampling of origin stories gives you an idea of the varied ways people approach titling their blogs.
We miss you, River.
Some titles are taken from common gaming terms, like Syp's Bio Break (above) or Bhagpuss' Inventory Full. Others are perhaps a little more personal, like my late friend River's High Latency Life or Gloria Boboria's Corgi Island. A lot of people simply use some personal appellation or description, like MMO Gamer Chick or The Ancient Gaming Noob.
Contrary to my post opener, I can't really tell you what to title your blog. Just remember that regardless of what you post, your blog is ultimately a reflection of you; how you see yourself. And if you want to change your title at some future date, there's nothing wrong with that either. Though I suspect that just like your reflection in a mirror, you are far more concerned about it than anyone else ever will be. People may come to your blog the first time because they think you have a clever title, but they will return over and over because they enjoy reading what you post.
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  1. The only thing I can say about blog names is to keep it short, avoid "the" in front of the name, and try for something that begins with an "A" so you sort at the top of alphabetical lists.

    1. Oh, and avoid descriptions that might be mistaken for names. The Ancient Gaming Noob is the name of my blog, and something of a description of me, but my NAME is Wilhelm. Yet people call me TAGN or Noob or whatever. Don't make the mistake I did!

    2. It certainly has become a name for you. You could roll with it like "Mogsy" does. :)

  2. River's blog still lives on at the wordpress site, the .com site was just resold.


    I still pop in randomly to see if anyone has posted anything there. Mostly out of habit, not expectation.