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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rowan l'Artiste

Have you ever heard of Painting With a Twist? I have been aware of the company for a while, but had never really looked into attending a class until a few weeks ago when my stepson suggested that we go try it out. So there we were, Scooter and I, along with her sons, about to have an adventure in pigments. The "Twist" is optional of course; and in fact, our class was full of kids, due to a soccer team post-season event.
Of course, we started with a blank canvas. So much potential.
If you've ever watched Bob Ross, you know that you never paint details onto a blank canvas, there s always a base coat. In our case, that background was black.
Using chalk, the outline of the project begins to take shape. Unfortunately, at this point, we got so busy actually painting that I neglected to take any more in-progress photos and only have the finished art below.
Hooray for Star Wars! I was tempted to add a crossguard to the Sith blade, but went for something a little more classic. I saw one lady use purple and green, and I considered green for my Jedi blade, but thought that might look too Christmas-y. On the other hand, Christmas-y would have been perfect for this time of year.
I hesitate to show the original model painting, but here it is. Scooter and I decided that when we go next time, we'll study the model a bit more closely, so we have a better idea of what we're aiming for.
Eventually, when our game room is up and running, our lightsaber paintings will be hung in a place of honor. But for now, I brought mine to work, where I can show it off above the jolly roger hanging in my office.
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  1. Love this, sounds like such a fun thing to go and do together. I kind of like your version better than the original, that one is too slick! ^^

    1. Well, thank you for saying so. I'll the artist/teacher you said so, the next time I see her. ;P

      I don't think I conveyed how much fun this class was to attend. We'll definitely go back sometime soon.