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Monday, December 19, 2016

And Then There Were Five . . .

I did not expect to have such a long break between posts. It's been a momentous couple of months, what with the unexpected election results, the breakdown of my gaming computer, and finally the loss of a family member this weekend.

Our Pack at Its Peak
This is from a couple years ago, before he lost weight.
Thank you to all who expressed condolences for the loss of our sweet old dachshund Dexter. He had developed congestive heart failure, which became acute over the last week. We took him to the vet on Saturday. Sadly, while he could have been treated temporarily, his prognosis even in the short term was not good at all. So Scooter and I made the decision to be with him in his final moments and say goodbye together, rather than risk him passing away while we were at work, struggling to breathe, essentially alone.

I thought I had prepared for this, especially after we lost Zane so unexpectedly. But that didn't make Dexter's passing any easier. There's an empty space at the foot of the bed where he belongs, softly snoozing under a blanket or obsessively licking his forepaws. And there's an empty space in our hearts, where Dexter has left his paw prints on his way across the bridge to play with Zane and Ginger and Didi, his mate.
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  1. My condolences. I have two beautiful Boston Terriers that are 4 years apart, and I cant even imagine not having their joy in my life. Still many years to go (9 and 4) but hearing of others lose their little bundles of love is a hard read. Hits home.

    1. Thank you. Dexter was almost 12, and I'd known him only since 2010. It's always hard to lose one, even with his "siblings" still with us. May you have many more years with yours. :D

  2. Awww, so sad to lose a pet. My dog is 14 now, still healthy considering everything, but I'm spoiling her so much because there is an end to everything. I don't think it will ever be easier to have to let them go. *big hugs*