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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dual Skill Trees?

[EDIT: Added this paragraph for clarification and historical purposes] I can't believe this even needs to be said. Of course it's been said several times in this thread. The OP just doesn't get the point of a skill tree in this or probably any MMORPG from WoW to SWTOR (yes I know it's not out yet). The tree is a way for you to specialize, to customize your character with more than funky ears and blue skin. If you choose to sink all your skill points into Space skills, then there won't be any in Ground skills. Works as designed. The term is "talent specialization" for a reason. To ask for more points or a whole new tree to sink them into defeats both the customization of your character and the choices you and all of us have to make. The skill tree may or may not need improvement. What it definitely does not need, is your suggestion.

Originally Posted in the STO forums (Thanks to Dyonas for the use of your words):
Originally Posted by Dyonas View Post
If anything the limited skill points means that you have to view your options and see what is worth it vs what you want to do and pick carefully. . . That information is sparse in game at best.
I completely agree with this. But the solution is improved information on what the skills do, not unlimited SP.
Even if every single player had all skills at nine what difference would it make to the game? None whatsoever! You're still limited to what you can do and use by ship type, equipment, bridge officer slots, away team kit and ultimately how good you are at using them. In contrast to the limited skill points you would likely find a much larger variety of skills in use and far less of the cookie cutter setups.
The point of the skill tree is to specialize with certain kits, BOff abilities, ships, and ship equipment.
All skills + small variety of useful, non-broken skills = more options open.
Limited skills + smaller variety of useful, non-broken skills = limited options.
I repeat from my earlier post: Works as designed. If everyone had unlimited access to all skills, there would be no point to the skill tree at all. Simply rank up as you get the Skill Points, which then become simple XP. The whole point of the skill tree is to force choices on the player. If I invest points in disruptor skills, then maybe I should consistently choose disruptor-type weapons. Then my DPS will be increased *with disruptor weapons.* Imagine that.

Take this in a different scenario. Imagine a player in a fantasy-based MMORPG, say WoW. He (or she) picks a rogue. Some talents improve his DPS with daggers, some improve DPS with swords. He only has enough to max DPS on one or the other but not both. He could whine that he wants to play both with swords and daggers, depending on the situation. But he does not have that option, unless he wants to be pretty good at both but not excellent at either. What he will *never* be able to do is wear plate armor. Because then there would an imbalance.

In real life, a surgeon can choose to specialize in neurosurgery or limb reattachment. Both require so much *specialized* skill that the surgeon cannot hope to be at the top of both specialties. Or a surgeon can decide not specialize so much, and be able to perform adequately at a variety of different "-ectomies." But that surgeon will never be a neurosurgeon, unless he or she chooses to take the time to train further. And then the surgeon would still not be able to reattach a limb.

The space players need to stop crying about their own specialization. It has been established that if you want to be more flexible, tier three is where to spend your points, increased specialization comes at an ever increasing cost per point of improvement, at drastically diminishing returns.

If the individual skills are unbalanced, that's a completely different issue. But it does not mean we need the "dual-spec" solution proposed by the OP.

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