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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sojourner: Encounter at Ground Zero

Starfleet Communique (Handle Via Top Secret Channels):
STARDATE: 87951.02

FROM: Rowan A. Starblanket, Commander, U.S.S. Sojourner
TO:  T'nae, Admiral, Starbase 39
        Jorel Quinn, Admiral, Chief of Starfleet

RE: Hobus

In Brief: During Sojourner's recent mission to the Hobus System, we discovered disturbing evidence that neither the supernova which occurred here nor the resulting shock wave which destroyed the Romulan Star System were natural phenomena. That, in fact, someone committed genocide against the Romulan people.
Due to the advanced sensor equipment installed aboard Sojourner, we had been assigned to conduct a survey of the planetary remnants in the Hobus System, epicenter of the Hobus Supernova which destroyed the Romulan Star System, some 500 light-years away. Upon entering the system from warp, Sojourner was confronted by the I.R.W. Sithesh, commanded by a Reman, Karatek. He begrudgingly permitted us to conduct our research, but warned us that they would be watching, whereupon the Sithesh cloaked. However, we were able to track the Reman vessel through inferential analysis of sensor effects.
We approached Hobus III and discovered the presence of protomatter in what had been the planet's core. While investigating some unidentified metallic planetary fragments nearby, Sojourner came under attack by the Sithesh, which had been shadowing us. After several harrowing passes, we had sustained damage to the secondary hull but managed to disable Sithesh's weapons; after which Karatek cloaked again.
Proceeding to Hobus II, we encountered Reman birds-of prey that attempted to interfere with our mission. We disabled the ships and collected samples from the core of Hobus II. At this time, my science officer, Lieutenant Commander Ymiro, reported that sensors had picked up a shield signature on one of the remnants of Hobus I, which was closer to the Hobus Cinder than we had originally planned to venture, due to excessive radiation from the Cinder itself.
After consulting with my senior officers, I decided to investigate the shield. It turned out to be a containment field for an atmosphere inside a large crater on the planetoid's surface. After another confrontation with the Sithesh, I beamed down with an away team to investigate the Remans' activities, while Sojourner's engineering crew conducted repairs.
The away team met with heavy resistance from the Remans on the surface. Our investigation turned up weaponized decalithium, protomatter, and tekasite, the same suspicious compounds found in the Romulan planetary remnant after the supernova; however, we also detected seismic activity in the area. The base's power was being routed in such a way that the planetoid itself was becoming unstable. Lieutenant Commander Brasseaux, my chief engineer, was able to reroute power in order to stabilize the planetary tectonics, but at the eastern power conduit control, we were once again confronted by Captain Karatek. He employed photonic soldiers in the skirmish, and several members of the away team suffered major injuries, including myself.
Keratek beamed away and we were able to evacuate the away team. I tried to warn Keratek of the planetoid's instability and the dangers of the substances he was experimenting with; but he would not listen to reason, ordering another attack on Sojourner. After a protracted battle wherein we must have disabled their cloaking device, we destroyed the Sithesh.
I regret the necessity of that action. The Remans working on the surface of Hobus I are in extreme danger, both from the potential failure of the shield they have in place and from the instability of the planetary remnant itself. I do not believe they are aware of the role their research may have had in the destruction of their homeworld.

Sojourner is returning with all possible haste to Starbase 39 to submit our findings and samples to Starfleet Investigative Research, as well as conduct more extensive repairs.



OOC: I was very interested in this mission, given that I am in the middle of reading The Needs of the Many, which deals with the time period of Star Trek Online.  And the Hobus supernova figures prominently in at least part of the book. It's kind of like I was making history, not! Anyway, I really am enjoying the developing story of the Long War, as I am sure Cryptic would like to call the years that players continue subscribing to play STO. I should have written this when the details were fresher, it might have might been more interesting. 

This also marked the first time I played on the Advanced (middle) Difficulty level. It was harder, but not impossible to finish, and was the source of my crew's injuries. Rowan ended up with a critical head injury, and Rowan, Tarah, and Larrea all had major burns. I did however pick up some good uncommon loot, so maybe it was worth the time and challenge. I do like that Cryptic made the Death Penalty optional, keeping the missions on normal (easy) difficulty will preclude the possibility of injury. I think I will keep things on Advanced and maybe even go to Elite when I get better gear.

On a side note, Rowan made Commander 8 turning this mission, and I was finally able to capture (a little) STO's version of THE GLOW!
Heh, this post is dedicated to Captain Ruz, I lifted his format unintentionally.


  1. Nice write up, I was thinking about asking you what you thought of the Needs of the Many, heh. I wish I had read the book before I did this mission, I probably would have appreciated it a lot more. Oh well, there's always the possibility of an alt!

  2. Thanks. :) I am just past the Worf interview. I just a longer comment, but I'l save my review 'til I've finished.

  3. Edited for grammatical errors and clarity.

  4. I also remember this mission, It was really nice! You did the planetary part on a higher difficulty? WoW! It is - or was? - quite longish as I played it.

  5. I can't remember how long it took exactly, an hour maybe? It was the only mission I did that night, but I've been tired since getting here to Germany.

  6. That's a fantastic screen cap of your crew standing around! I'm jealous!

  7. Jah , I had run Rowan down the hill slightly, and they were facing the same way, looking not quite so much like a squad formation, so I snapped a cap.

  8. You're such a dork. You forgot to handle via Talon/Cakehole.