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Monday, November 1, 2010

Damn Pirates!

Just to keep y'all updated, I haven't posted the write-up regarding Rowan's promotion to Admiral because I was boarded last week and the pirates plundered both laptops, not to mention a chest of other electronic booty. I am following blogs as best I can with my phone and from work. Posting is hard.

NaNoWriMo has started, and I "wasted" time time this weekend on Hallowe'en activities instead of preparing. So now I have a bit of a block, not sure where to start. I know I don't have to actually start at the beginning, that can come later. But I need to think of an overarching plot that will actually carry me through 50,000 words.


  1. Someone "plundered" both your laptops? Oh noes, what happened exactly?

  2. I took them hoping for a jump start to my own NaNoWriMo dossier, but I was foiled.

    BTW, my handle on there is HZero.