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Monday, November 29, 2010

Rowan's NaNoWriMo: An Inglourious Failure.

So my official word count is 4,777 on the National Novel Writing Month website. Kinda pathetic, I guess. And I doubt I'll get anything else down. I discovered a little about myself, though. While I enjoy writing, I go through spurts of inspiration; as many do, I suppose. This was not a very inspired month, honestly. I know many authors just write until they are "inspired." But that seems a quick way kill any passion I have for a subject. I'll keep plugging away. But I need a real plan, a real plot with a direction; preferably in a world of my own creation, instead of someone else's copyrighted world. Which means far more research than I currently have done. I'll continue to post stuff on my blog as I write, and I may have a few days coming up quick that will provide more opportunity and inspiration.

I also need to keep a notebook, for times I am not close to a computer. Some of my best vignettes on here have come from handwritten rough drafts.


  1. That's not pathetic, last year I did 1545 words. I say, as long as you feel like you learned something from the experience, than it was worthwhile.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I know you did much better this year.

  3. Hopefully next November will be a more inspiring month for you...I'm planning on participating then as well, and if you are maybe we can motivate each other :)

  4. Sounds great. I do plan to participate next year, with more foundation. That was my biggest problem, I didn't really have a solid story/plot in mind. I just tried to write. Not much came out. Some good passages I suppose, that with polish I will post here.

  5. Man, don't feel bad at all! I made it to... 670 words this year. -_-; The piece of fanfiction I wrote last night was twice that length!

    But I totally hear you about needing a plan. I like structure, as I believe it gives my thoughts more meaning. Maybe next year you and I and Kae and GeeCee will all do it, and form a support net!

  6. Hey, AyAitch! Long time no see. Good to hear form you again. Buried by schoolwork?

    We'll definitely have to form a support group.