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Monday, November 22, 2010

What another movie review? MEGAMIND! Plus, a Blurb on 3D

I took my younger daughter to see this fun and endearing film yesterday afternoon. My advice to Will Ferrell: stick to voice acting. Ferrell was quite effective in this role, maybe because I didn't have to look at his face through the whole movie. This is not meant to be an attack, just that I generally find the man to be unfunny. Where his movies succeed, they generally succeed in spite of him.

Woops. OK. So. Megamind is a great movie to take your kids to see, if they have not reached the cynical teenager stage. It was good fun, if slightly predictable. A couple of twists were easy to spot, but it was all right. I quickly developed sympathy for Megamind, and ended up rooting for him even as he pursued his fiendish plots. The visuals, of course, are fabulous. I especially enjoyed the climactic battle and Megamind's appearance on the scene. I don't want to give away too many spoilers, I don't feel that's my place. If you like Shrek-ian humor or have a kids, this is a great film to see. Otherwise you can wait for the DVD or skip it entirely.

It is available in 3D of course, but the show we went to was regular 2D. There were a few sequences that were clearly designed for 3D; I can't wait 'til movie-makers get beyond the gimmicks. I wish they would start tallying box office separately for the 2D vs 3D versions of films. I am interested to see how many people skip the 3D in favor of the more traditional version. Some in Hollywood seem to think that conversion of theaters to the 3D format will help protect traditional movie theaters from the increasing availability of high quality home theaters. Of course, 3D TVs are on the market already. My feeling is that until they come up with a "true" 3D that doesn't try to decouple our natural visual habits, 3D movies won't be as popular as Hollywood would like to think. After all, if even one person in a party has a strong reaction/aversion to 3D, no one in the party will see the 3D version of the movie. Plus there is a certain segment of the population that likes going to the movies. I know I do. I like the big screen and the big sound. Unless I can remodel part of my house to replicate that somewhat, I will still enjoy a good action flick or date movie in the theater.

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