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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Big Wide Galaxy of Adventure Awaits

So in Old Republic news, BioWare came out with a nifty new galaxy exploration map. It includes information and a brief video on all the planets available in SWTOR (at least, the 17 that have been revealed. Weren't we hoping for 18?), plus 3D spin views of the various player ships.

I'm still wondering why only six ship types. Why do the Jedi and Sith share ship types? I can kinda see it from a lore-ish standpoint for the Jedi, but the two Sith types seem to me like they might be mutually contemptuous of each other. The inquisitors would see the warriors as unsubtle brutes, and be seen by them as effete schemers. I could be wrong of course.

Most people know about Thursday evening's beta email flub, by now. Unfortunately, I think that may have  overshadowed this week's Friday Update. I am told the SW nerd-rage brought down the forum servers in such a way that people who had work to do were unable to. Announcements were made on various internet venues almost immediately, so it was not hard for me to find info. But I expected sooner the explanatory (no apology necessary) email that was sent out early yesterday regarding the incident. Gloom-and-doomers are declaring that the sky will fall on 20 December. I disagree. Stuff happens and we move on. I suspect that in three months, this goof will be a distant memory as we wander around Korriban and Tatooine: "Hey, remember when we all got that thank you email for the beta we weren't in? lulz."

In any event, I am ever more excited about the chance to explore the worlds of the Old Republic. I didn't play KOTOR or KOTORII when I had the chance. I'll bet there's a book or two with the official stories out there.


  1. Maybe the Jedi/Sith orders only provide their members with only one type of ship so that their padawans/apprentices can't bitch to the higher ups about why their peers get a cooler ship than them. Maybe, like all wise parental types, they just said, screw it, you're ALL getting the same thing so STFU! :P

  2. They need to have SOMETHING to throw into the expansions!

  3. I hope the ships are cooler on the inside than the outside. Some of them are FUGLY.

    I should either write or proofread; I can't do both apparently. XP