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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rowan and Enura Hit 50 in Rift!

LOL so it has taken 8 days, 5 hours, 50 minutes, 23 seconds of play time, and about 8 months of real life time, but my lovely bride and I have finally achieved the level cap in Rift. Thanks to the Spousal Leveling Contract and some inspiration from MMOGC, we recorded the moment for posterity. Hehe, DW seemed almost more excited about this than the wedding last month. ;P

The first quest we picked up after hitting 50?


  1. Nice! Congrats! I'm only 4 levels behind ya...

  2. Congrats! Haha, yeah that screenshot brings back memories :D

  3. Of the four or five screens I capped, this one has the most glow around both of us. Funny thing, yesterday I leveled my Shaman in the middle of a fight in Blackrock Depths. I asked the tank if he had leveled. I didn't even realize the glow was mine, I was zoomed in so close.