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Saturday, October 8, 2011

QOTD: Mental States and MMOs

Toxic commenting on Keen's op-ed about Zero Class Diversity These Days:
A person's perception of MMOs really has a lot more to do with their own mental state than anything else. If you’re into it, you can overlook all kinds of huge, glaring flaws. Or even think the flaws are positives. Once burnout sets in, everything seems to be awful and stupid.
Thanks to Harbinger Zero for the heads up on the OP.


  1. Eh...I'm not sure that *everything* seems awful and stupid. I have burned out on several MMO's, but I've always wanted to go back to them, and have a fond spot in my heart for them all, even WoW. But yes, burnout does magnify any game's deficiencies.

  2. I wouldn't necessarily go to that extreme either. I still like WoW, though I feel burned out on it right now. The general idea applies though. If we are enamored of a game, we overlook many flaws, and often defend it irrationally to critics. OTOH, if we do dislike a game, we often find it difficult to understand why anyone would.