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Friday, February 24, 2012

How I Got Rich in SWTOR Through Pew Pew Pew

OK, maybe not rich, but very, very comfortable. "How did you accomplish this, Rowan?" you say. Through space missions!

I can hear the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth now. NOT THOSE CRAPPY SPACE MISSIONS!!! I dunno I think they're pretty easy and relaxing (Casual Gamer) And I feel like I make a decent amount of credits for the time I put into them. (The XP doesn't hurt either, not that I need it.)  In an effort to earn some cash for his level 25 speeder, River was told to take up slicing, which is apparently very lucrative at certain levels. I had plenty of money for my level 25 speeder, and by the time I was 27, a day or two later, I had fully recouped the cost and given a few thousand credits to my alt and Sctrz for their speeder training.

Just another suggestion for making a little extra cash in SWTOR.

EDIT: I failed to mention that I totally want the Social 3 Imperial Pilot outfit for Tollkisrche, my badass Flyboy Assassin. Need to run some Flashpoints.


  1. Just doing the first daily, which can be done without upgrades nets 800 credits daily I believe,so its well worth 3 minutes of time! But I learned last night from my brother that the real cash for the 25 speeder is tied up in the Balmorra bonus missions. He gained 2 levels and 31k credits in 3 hours. File that one away someplace as well!

  2. I went Biochem on my Jedi Knight and never had any money problems just from doing the space mission dailies. I found them pretty relaxing too, it was akin to stopping at the arcade and dropping a few quarters to unwind.

  3. @Blue Kae: My thoughts exactly. I love spending a few minutes doing the dailies (great money for the time, even the gray ones). It is relaxing for me, and fattens my credit account.

    @hzero: I've never done the bonus missions because I have tended to above level for the quests anyway. And was sick of Balmorra to boot.

  4. At launch slicing made absurd amounts of money. I had the cash I needed for speeder training by the time I was 17 or 18. My main also took biotech, mainly so i could make implants. I figured as a cyborg he should have access to good implants. It was a happy coincidence that it ended up saving me so much money on stims and healing kits. I've got more than enough for my level 50 110% speeder and training at level 47, and I haven't made any special effort to save up.

    On the space missions: they are fun but I completely suck at them. There are higher level mission (40+) that I have yet to clear, even with tier V ship upgrades.

  5. I heard about slicing, but went bioanalysis/biotech/diplomacy because my first two toons (Assassin and Gunslinger) weren't healers. I still don't have a slicer. They nerfed it before I could take advantage. More on my altoholism soon.

  6. Let me tell you I had a total over the last couple days to play about 15 minutes. I made 200k credits with slicing.

  7. Sure, but what level are you? I only have a level 33 and a bunch of alts. Besides, I don't *need* to be rich, just be able to comfortably buy the things I want/need.

  8. Initially, I was very concerned about overleveling planets, a fear compounded by my desire to DO EVERYTHING on EVERYONE.

    However, in my experience, the game really seems to pick up in difficulty after Nar Shaddaa, so I'm looking forward to being a few levels over as a benefit. Furthermore, my biochem goods just aren't selling on the market, and I need fast cash.

    So the awesome arcade game it is! I've been enjoying it thoroughly.

  9. I did "barely" get through the Chapter 1 finale, had to buff Khem Val at the GTN. But I had been neglecting his upgrades in favor of Andronikos, since that's who I've been using since Tatooine. I haven't tried to make money off biochem, I'm guessing like WoW# Alchemy, it's only valuable at endgame. But I figured I'd need the medpacks on my non-healing Assassin.