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Sunday, February 12, 2012

SWTOR: The Sunsage Legacy

Torn apart by the atrocities of war. Those who kept the faith and those whose faith was shattered. Opposite sides of a gulf too wide to cross. But they are connected nonetheless, linked by ties stronger than creeds, stronger than blood. . .


Just a warning: this is not a story post. I have something percolating here, but it's not ready. Did you ever sit down to write one thing and end up with something totally different? Happens to me all the time. Read on. . .

So I got my my Legacy Name: I chose "Sunsage," which is my ID on the SWTOR forums, and also my @handle in STO. Interestingly, back in August 2010, my nom-de-blog, Rowanblaze, was not as solid as it is now, a year and a half later. My handle on Twitter was @Poppyshock, for example (still is on YouTube). Sunsage was the name of a Blood Elf priest I created and got to about 60 in WoW during the Burning Crusade era. It was one of my more favorite names, and fits a wider range of genres than Rowanblaze, IMHO. At least two of my characters will have Sunsage as surname, the rest will have "The Sunsage Legacy" instead. So if you happen to see one of my characters on Sanctum of the Exalted, be sure to say hello.

There was a lot of action at the end of Tollkirsche's first Chapter in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I didn't think about it 'til this morning, but the finale owes a lot to J.K. Rowling's  "Harry Potter."

Zash essentially wants to live forever and has decided that Tollkirsche is the perfect vessel for her horcux new body. (I am sure this makes more sense if the Player Character is female.) The Dashade, Khem Val, jumps into the middle of the spell ritual, interrupting Zash and inadvertently becoming her Force-resistant prison. Yes, Zash's essence is trapped in Khem Val's body. Needless to say she's not happy and attempts attack Tollkirsche, which doesn't work because of the Bond between Khem Val and his Master. Oh, the scene also reminds me of Stardust, when Yvaine, the fallen star, can't attack Ditch-water Sal, because of a curse forbidding Sal from perceiving Yvaine in any way.

I like how the finale ends, with Zash's other apprentices (cult?) honoring Tollkirsche, because of a "prophecy" Zash had made, that her greatest apprentice would defeat her, and proceed to even greater glory. In a sense, she was right; but I'm sure her intent was to masquerade as the apprentice after she had taken his body.

I had to beef up Khem Val to make it through the finale, and spent over ten large at the Galactic Trade Network upgrading his gear. Did I mention Tollkirsche is Dark II, almost Dark III? I can't decide whether to keep the Dark Side effects or not. I personally think the idea of them is a bit absurd. Of the four onscreen examples we have of Sith Lords, only two are disfigured, and both are the victims of some pretty horrendous injuries. I doubt the Sith would really be so blind to the things the Dark Side of the Force is doing to them that more than a few would not abandon the philosophy completely.
While not abandoning Tollkirsche completely, my goal has always been to get one character to the end of Chapter 1, secure my legacy name, then play more alts. So you won't see as much of him around. Versteckt is really my main, in that he is who I play when with my lovely bride, Sctrz. I am really interested in returning to the the Republic side. Since none of the Light/Dark gear is really that appealing, I will not be so worried about those decisions, other than on Tollkirsche. I would really like to get him to Social III, though, so I can get the Imperial pilot uniform. But that is a whole 'nother post.


  1. I kept reading Sunsage as "Sausage" which was somewhat confusing.

    Just found your blog (remiss of me but I'm quite hopeless at backtracking people) and added it to my RSS and Inventory Full's blogroll. It's one of the most visually attractive MMO blogs I've seen. Looks really great. Also very interesting to read a blog by someone who's fully on-board with the idea of story-driven MMOs.

    1. Looking back at this post and comment, Scooter constantly reminds me that my Legacy looks like the Sausage Legacy.

  2. Well, thank you very much for your kind words. I did my best with a Blogspot template. I am very much on board with story driven games. I like the idea of open-world sandboxes, but find the work needed to do well in them not my liking. I look for "motivation" in my RPGs and story provides that.