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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Years Out of Spacedock

STO, Old Friend, only a little younger than my blogging career. You opened up a wider community to me, people I still count as friends. You've changed, matured. You have a new sugar daddy. I hope this one treats you better the last one did.

To all those who have played and play now, congratulations on being part of something wonderful. To the team at Cryptic, thank you. Thank you for working so hard to keep this great game afloat.

I jumped in today to grab a screenshot or two for this post, and it was like slipping on a favorite pair jeans. I caught the old bug, went on a mission to get the new Odyssey class ship for Locke. Good times. :D I look forward to new adventures.


  1. I am really tempted to stick my head in and get that ship this weekend. Surely it can't take long to hit level 5.

  2. Oh I can't imagine it would take more than an hour or two to get the ship, starting with a new character.

  3. It's a fairly easy mission to do to get it once you pick up the mission from the engineer in spacedock standing in front of the admirals office.

    It's a really nice sleek slip to pickup. Logged in after almost 2 years and picked up mine. Was like old times but trying to remember how to be captain of my ship again and relearning stuff. Afterall almost been 2 years since played.

  4. I know what you mean. I am sure I screwed up my skills. And I didn't even bother to fix my UI. I'm still working to get my Legacy in SWTOR. Then I'll have more time for STO.

  5. I logged in Monday afternoon. No Odyssey for me.


  6. Ja, Terrilynn Shull was furious on Twitter on Monday. :\ I managed to log in on Sunday and get one for each captain (including a BortaS). I'm glad I did, after hearing what happened.