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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 10 - In Which My Favourite Blogs/Websites Are Revealed

OK I took a few extra days to sit down to write this because I wanted to do it justice. I consistently read only a few blogs, though I have a lot on my bloglist. I just don't have time to read every single post made by everyone. Here are the ones I do read all the time, in no particular order:

MMO Gamer Chick: A truly balanced blog, GeeCee stays on topic; and while she discusses controversies on occasion, she rarely publicly takes sides. Her posts are entertaining and informative. I looked to her to get most of my info on SWTOR early on. She is an accomplished artist (something I am totally jealous of), as a perusal of her posts will clearly demonstrate. In addition, we have become friends IRL as I have had a chance to visit with her and her husband. Her posts have tapered off of late--understandably--as she and hubby have welcomed a lovely baby into their lives. I look forward to her picking it up again as her busy schedule permits.

Scary Worlds: Scarybooster is just consistently funny, yet manages some serious insights on games and the gaming community through his offbeat parables. Not everyone can take his humor. But if you can, it is worth every minute you spend with him. He also serves our nation in the armed forces, a true hero. Thank you, Scary.

Bio Break: Syp delivers consistent insightful commentary on games and gaming news. Also a correspondent with Massively, Mutant Reviewers, and not one, but two podcasts, Syp somehow manages to hold down a day job as a youth pastor. Keep up the good work, Syp.

A High Latency Life: Every time I get a chance, I catch up with TheRivs. This series, 20 Days of MMO Blogging is inspired directly by him, so now you know who to thank/blame. His posts are concise and incisive, filled with humor/sarcasm, and usually include a pretty girl (or TV-girl). Even when his ping sucks, he gives good blog.

Harbinger Zero: HZ keeps me up to date on games I'll probably never play. Believe it or not, that's important. It keeps my perspective broader.

NebelStreif / The Self-Aware Colony: I have considered Adventure Historian a friend since my early days of STO, he jumps from blog to blog, but is always entertaining. He's got quite a bit of RP fiction going on, which I love to read. It inspires me to get back to my own fiction. Thanks and welcome back to blogging, AyAitch.


  1. Girls in every post...I knew I was missing something. Thanks for the shout out! (-:

  2. To be included in such company is truly an honor. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I try hard to be as stupid as I can. I'm glad that amuses you. Damn 12 Monkeys!