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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 11 - In which I Discuss a Major Flaw and Some Bad Habits

I procrastinate.

I know. That is fairly common--and doesn't reveal that much, does it? I would say though, that is my biggest flaw. I always put off 'til later what I could and maybe should do now. This post is a actually an unintentionally perfect example. It's been almost 10 days since my last post. Of what should only have been a 20 day series.

Granted this is not a gaming flaw, but I am not sure what flaws there are to my gaming. I certainly not the perfect gamer. But who is? And who gets to define that? We all have different styles and interests. It's the attempts to judge other people's gaming styles that leads to much conflict in the community. I, myself, am guilty of this judging.

Bad habits: My gaming sometimes gets in the way of  other things I should be doing. This is a reflection of my flaw of procrastination. "Write a blog post about my flaws and bad habits, or play SWTOR?" Which would you choose?

In-game bad habits? Again I am not sure, what is a bad habit to someone may simply be another's play-style. I am an altoholic, some would consider that a bad habit. I still don't have a character to max level in SWTOR, when there were a few people with maxed out characters during the Early Access week--before the game even officially launched. Am inconsistent with keyboard input vs. mouse-clicking the UI. Is that a bad habit?

I guess my worst current gaming-related habit is my non-ergonomic posture and gaming position. I play on a bed or couch, usually.

So that's it. What are your bad habits/flaws in the gaming realm?

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  1. I have the habit of thinking I'm not good enough. I always try harder hand get down on myself for not being perfect. I'm damn lazy too. Take a nap or have sex... Nap