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Monday, July 2, 2012

Quote of the Day: Antisocial? No, Just Immersed

OK, it's the second QOTD, sue me. Here's MMO Gamerchick on The Secret World:
Playing in a dim environment with headphones on, it’s easy to become entirely immersed in the world without realizing that you’ve unwittingly ignored general and cabal chat for the last half hour (so I hope my guildies will forgive me for being anti-social).
MaeveMP, GeeCee, and I were discussing the value of a darkened room on Twitter, not only for The Secret World, but in my opinion all computer games. Much like the 1979 penny in Somewhere in Time, any distraction in the Real World will pull me out of immersion faster than any in-game glitches or flaws.

As far as being anti-social, I have a tendency to ignore general chat and have to consciously pay attention to guild-chat. In WoW, I would start chatting during idle times like the taxi flights. I haven't seen much downtime like that in The Secret World.


  1. I've found very little down time for me to chat in this game. I can't even do it while crafting, since it involves more than just queuing up a bunch of commands and watching a cooldown bar.