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Friday, August 9, 2013

Levels & Roles

On Wednesday, I discussed how life has levels. Today is a special day for me, not just because I have managed to make 41 trips around the nearest star. This evening, I celebrate a very special event with my lovely bride.
"If I had my life to do over, I'd find you sooner so I could love you longer."
Almost three years ago, I met a fascinating woman who stole my heart. I am so happy she decided to include me in her life, for she is the light of mine. She has many facets, and fulfills many roles.
Lover of Sunflowers
Scooterz loves sunflowers, we have decorations all over the house. Their cheery color is a perfect reflection of her personality and the sunshine she brings to my life.

Old School! Scooterz played AD&D and other tabletop games in her teens, and returned to gaming with her subscription to World of Warcraft just as Cataclysm launched. Since then, she has participated in beta tests and launch events for games like Rift, SWTOR, TSW and GW2. Scooterz loves DPS, especially ranged classes.

Gaming Partner
I could not hope for a better one. Our playstyles complement each other perfectly, as I do my best to keep us alive, while she does her best to kill the bad guys.
Loving Wife
Just as we complement each other in games, Scooterz is my perfect mate. We don't always agree; but where I often have my head in the clouds, she always has her feet on the ground.

Scooterz has raised an educator, a soldier, and an aspiring medical professional—on her own—and has helped raise an aspiring theater artist and a scholar, as well.

Through all this, she has served in supervisor/manager positions all her adult life, leading and directing others, establishing and maintaining high standards of safety and efficiency, and climbing the corporate ladder.

A full-time job and raising three kids mean sometimes dreams get put on the back burner. But tonight, Scooterz will fulfill one of her own, and walk across the stage to receive her bachelor degree. I played a small part—sounding board, cheerleader, proofreader—but this glory is all hers, and I am so proud of her.


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  2. Hopefully you had a great birthday. You guys are awesome and I am so happy to have you both in my gaming family :)

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