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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Six-Fingered Elf

Doing her best Count Rugen impersonation, Enura (Scooterz) decides to test out The Machine on the Dread Pirate Achillea, as her evil corgi, Taffy, looks on.
It's a wooden bench, a dwarven saw, and a magitech thingamajig. The control lever just to Enura's right is literally called "Not to Fifty!" So of course she had to have one! Now Enura wants a desk with paper and quill, so she can write "the definitive work . . . for posterity."



  1. That saw is awesome...I need to stop looking at these dimension posts.

    1. House Stalwart has one, or we did, in the auxiliary barn of the Merry Gallows. I got that one in a [Dimension item Mystery Box], along with the gearwheel thingy (in a different box).