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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dex-y's Midnight Runners

"I can't hear anything in this stupid thing!" "What?"
After yesterday's rant, it took Scooter and me almost two hours early yesterday evening running down Incognito for the Head-O-Lantern (shown above) which completed our Samhain 2012 achievements. I found a map online, marked the spots on my own in-game map, and just started running around the circuit. Eventually I found him, not far from where Scooterz had parked Dex-y, actually. On the one hand, it's awesome that Funcom didn't make last year's achievements "feats of strength," and unobtainable to newer players and veterans who were lackadaisical. On the other hand, the costume reward for the Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa meta-achievement is the same Baron Samedi outfit you get for completing the Cat God mission chain, which is part of the meta-achievement. In other words, no reward at all.

As we waited for the usual suspects to log on, we found a few straggling lore pieces in Kingsmouth and Savage Coast (with the help of unfair.co). As detailed by Tententacles, there were again enough folks to split into two groups and run NM Cat God. Our group (Syp, Mogsy, Mr.Mogsy, and us) managed two full runs, in which I obtained the Amethyst Mouser, and Scooterz rounded out Dex-y's weapon set with a 10.1 Assault Rifle (having gotten purple Pistols on a prior run. Unfortunately, on our third run, a major lag spike during the third and final Cat Sidhe phase ended with a server kick, and we were booted to the outer world.

No one from our group was interested in another attempt, so we reorganized the groups into a run at The Ankh Elite and a NM Filth run. Dex-y and Dortmunder still need several Elite instances before we can take a run at Oscar, and our fellow Knights of Mercy were happy to help us out (I think). In any event, it was the smoothest Ankh run I'd ever been through, with only a couple deaths and a couple full wipes. I healed on Dortmunder, with Mogsy tanking. Scooter, Maric, and Grace brought the pain. I picked up a blue Rifle, and a couple tanky talismans.

After that, we split up again, with Maric and Grace joining the Filth run and Mogsy—I'm not sure what Mogsy was doing. Scooter and I returned to Blue Mountain, where we are finishing up achievements; Dex and Dort having skipped out on Solomon Island as soon as we were able. In QL 10+ gear, even the Ak'ab—while a nuisance—are not particularly difficult to deal with.

Several ironies of my post title:
  • The man who came up with it was unable to run with us last night.
  • We fully intended to run past midnight, as we had last week, but only lasted until about 11p.m., our time.
  • Scooterz and I were still the last ones online, which almost never happens.


  1. No, sadly I was not able to join. So it goes. I'm dying to get 10.1 pistols, though. I loves me some pistols. Having had a successful 3-man PUG Filth run not long ago, though, I might give an Elite PUG a try. The spirits protect me.

    1. Don't forget the folks from Beyond the Veil. I'm usually doing something with them on every day but Monday.

  2. Just wanted to say i love the title.

    1. I gotta thank Ocho for that. Not even sure what inspired it. :)