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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"My Ping Sucks" — River's High Latency Life

A light has gone out in the gaming blogosphere. As I said on Twitter upon hearing the news, I am in shock. Chris "River" Cavelle, sometime anti-feminist warlock proprietor of A High Latency Life—and a person I consider a good friend (as good as online friends can be)—has passed away suddenly. My Twitter feed exploded with the news. I've been on his Chicago Tribune obituary and Facebook memories page, both with outpourings of grief and condolences for his family. River was well liked in real life and online.

He was among the first bloggers to welcome me into the sphere. It was from Rivs that I got the idea for the 20 Days of Blogging, a project I got most of the way through, but still have yet to finish two years later. He inspired many posts on this blog, and I am sure other blogs, as well.

Like many, I was amused by his humorous posts, almost always accompanied by a scantily clad female model, usually—but not always—human. Occasionally, not even female. Then just a couple weeks ago, in the wake of the #YesAllWomen meme, he did a survey and learned for himself what women go through. I say this not as a political statement, but as a testament to River's willingness to reconsider his position on a topic when presented with evidence contradicting his previous views. I'd like to think I share this trait with him, though I know I have a long way to go on specifics.

River's last blog post was about getting into the alpha for Warlords of Draenor. I haven't decided if I will play the WoW expansion when it launches. But if I do, it will be bittersweet. I'll miss you, Rivs.

Several other bloggers also have tributes up already. I will try to consolidating the posts here. If you write one or see one I have missed, please let me know.
And a special bullet for Scary's Podcast episode with River.
With that…
~The Real River
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  1. Wow, I am floored when I see the amount of posts for Riv.. I hope he knew how loved he was. Thank you for putting them together.

  2. I never followed, or even read, High Latency Life although I'd heard the name. Reading the #yesallwomen post you linked , I wish I had. 41 is tragically young...

    1. Yes, I'm 41. it's always shocking to hear when someone you know has passed away, but more so when they're about your own age. River posted mostly about his WoW stuff, but he delved into other games, and gaming issues. Reading his Facebook memorial page really showed me his personal magnanimity made him the friend of many, many people.