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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summertime, and the Livin' Is Easy. . .

. . . but not the gaming.
Borrowed from TechRepublic. I meant to take a pic last night, but it didn't happen.
So I've managed to break the screen on the laptop I borrowed from Scooter. While it's not a complete showstopper—I have a monitor I can hook up to it—it's putting even more of a damper on my gaming by significantly increasing the hardware logistics of each session. (I have no permanent gaming location.) Combine this with decent (IOW, not too hot) weather, business trips, and a docket of other things to do, and my gaming has ground to a halt.

In late May, Scooter and I bought WildStar, but did not submit payment methods for subscriptions. The kind folks at Carbine sent Scooter and me a pair of emails enjoining us to re-up the other day, but I haven't logged in since it hit my inbox. Here's the thing: I like WildStar, but not enough to pay a subscription if I am barely playing, or not playing at all. I guess they have dropped a patch, "The Strain," chock full of high end content to encourage all those max-level racers to stick around for a while longer. That's cool, but it's not an incentive for me and my two characters who haven't reached 20.

TSW is on hiatus for the same reason really: hardware issues. Now I have to save some money for not just one, but two new portable computers capable of playing modern MMOs at more than minimal settings. And I need a good place to set them up. EDIT: In looking at the site that picture came from, I am wondering if I might just replace the screen on Scooter's old laptop for now. Surely it would be less expensive than a whole new "spare" computer.

This means a probable slowdown for this blog. I'm bummed because I want to keep up the writing; but at the same time, not much is inspiring me to write.
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  1. I currently use a Lenovo Y500 with twin-linked Nvidia cards. I found it in the outlet for $600. Not cheap in the grand scheme of things, perhaps, but far less than I ever expected to pay for a gaming laptop. And it will run everything but AAA FPS titles on max.

    I've gone two weeks now over the summer with trips where I couldn't game. And it has been painful at times. (-: