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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Parting of Friends

Elisa Flores was practically bubbling over with excitement. "I got the Exeter! Captain Millibrand needs a new junior tactical officer. Can you imagine? Me, on the bridge of a 'ship of the line'!"

Lissia looked at her sidelong. Elisa spluttered, "Oh! I mean. The Bennett isn't—I mean. It's a great ship and all. . ."

"No, I get it. It's not the Exeter." They lapsed into an awkward silence.

Along with many of their classmates, Lissia and Elisa strode along a path across the central quad of Starfleet Academy. There was a celebration scheduled at Club 602. During the graduation ceremony, slightly delayed due to recent events, she'd received the James T. Kirk Award for original thinking.

But Lissia wasn't sure how far original thinking was going to get her out in the black. During repairs on the Bennett, she'd had been through a series of briefings involving the Klingon threat, as well as changes to her command staff.

"True that competent commanders can be developed with years of training and experience," Quinn had told her during one such private session. "But Starfleet has found that some of the most crucial traits of a great starship captain—that is, those most suited to command—can't be taught. More than just administrators, they inspire their crews to be greater than the individual members thereof. I have seen that quality in you, Lieutenant sh'Thlaspi. Captain Taggart also had confidence in your abilities, which is why he picked you among all your peers to be his Exec. And frankly, his confidence was well placed, given the events at Vega Colony."

"But, sir, most of my new staff are not my peers from the Academy. They'll have more experience in space—"

"You're right, lieutenant. The captain is often not the one aboard with the most experience. Rely on your command staff for advice. They are experts in their field. Your field of expertise is Command. As professionals, they'll abide by your decisions."

"Yes, sir."

Most of the rest of the cadet crew were being reassigned across the fleet. At least she still had Zarva down in Engineering. The Bolian's affable efficiency would be a welcome anchor to the new Captain. Upon her offer, Lieutenant Su'al had also elected to stay aboard as the Bennett's Security Chief. The Saurian was good in a firefight, that was certain.

With the departure of Ensign Flores, she needed a new XO. And T'Vell would have to be replaced at comms/science. The latter was an easy choice. Ensign Latur, a Ferengi with glowing reviews, was up for reassignment from the Peregrine. Lissia had reviewed a few candidates for First Officer, narrowing the list to two: LtJG Rohl Jesta, a Bajoran with experience on a couple cruisers, or Lt. Ambrož Horacek, a Human from the escort Black Hawk. Too bad interviews were not part of the selection process. She was also going to need a Chief Medical Officer, though the EMH enabled her top put that decision off for a bit.

At the gala, Lissia spent her time bidding farewell to her classmates, promising to correspond with a few as time permitted. Flores had wandered off somewhere, which was perhaps just as well. Lissia nursed a glass of Andorian ale, dancing with Ensigns Morek and Wright—putting off thoughts of crew complements and ship components. With music playing and libations flowing, tonight was for celebrating.
I haven't had as much time playing Lissia as I had expected. And I haven't fleshed out the backstories of the Bennett crew. Ironically, I've been devoting a lot of time to Locke and his Duty Officers, since Lissia isn't high enough to start that side game. I've been doing just a bit crafting, too, which was integrated with the DOffs interface at some point. Of course he's way behind, and I can't even imagine what it will take to get Rowan up to par, sitting at 50. One odd thing about the DOff system is that it levels my Captain. Much like GW2's XP for crafting, I'm not sure how I feel about that.
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