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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

... Dedicated to Everyone

My post title is an obscure reference to Harbinger Zero and Cher. Hzero has an excellent post up summarizing STO's upcoming Delta Recruitment event. It was enough convince Ysharros to check it out. As for me, it kinda stick makes for some tough decisions. I just stqarted a new character, and would rather not wait until April to play. But I don't think I should yet another character in a month either. I already have a Rowan at 50, two "original" characters in their 20s, and my Romulan in his teens. With my "baby" Andorian, do I really need yet another new Captain? Maybe before I get too worked up, I should see if I am even still playing STO in a month.
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  1. Haha, nice. And here I was thinking of Cold instead of Cher. Four letter "c" words though, so we were close. (-; http://youtu.be/xcVDBV5uQbc

    I do think the decision to wait a month to roll this out was an interesting one on their part. We will see what MMO life looks like on April 2nd I guess!