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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Slacktember Strikes Again

Well shoot! Momentum is a horrible thing. I have a couple post seedlings that I need to develop before sending out into the wild. But my couple-days break (along with busy work stuff) has turned into a tenday, which is not good. Well, technically, I did write a well-researched and lengthy rant regarding some real world politics on Sunday. But since it didn't exactly fit here, I put it on Facebook, where far fewer people actually saw it. My mild-mannered alter ego is not nearly as famous as Rowan Blaze, the Rambling Ranter. So this post is really more to get me back into the swing of writing than anything else.

I started yet another alt in SWTOR to play while Scooter is doing other things. I really should just finish another storyline. But I had a spark of an idea for a new Trooper, so back to the creation screen I went. He turned out pretty cool, I think. Unfortunately, you'll just have to imagine it. Because even though I've taken a bunch of pictures, I've been too lazy to prepare them for the blog. But that can be the seedling for another character post.
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