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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Adventures of ScooRow: Our Week in Gaming

Things are humming along on the 12x Train. I am cruising through the first chapter on both my smuggler, "Albarossa," and my solo trooper, "Eyes'on." Scooter and I just completed the second chapter on our Agent/Bounty Hunter pair. Interestingly, there are elements of the story I don't remember—or flat out missed—from our first run-through when mine was the Agent, and hers, the Hunter. Spoilery examples below:
Team "Silverleaf" has become the most wanted group in the galaxy, as Republic attempts to apprehend him for the "murder" of Kellian Jarro have resulted only in more bloodshed for the Republic. I've skittered back and forth across the Light/Dark boundary throughout the story. Silverleaf is a more powerful version of me, I suppose: easygoing and doing the right thing most of the time, until someone threatens me or mine. For instance, I let the padawan go at the end of Chapter 1, but then put a blaster bolt in her when she tried to arrest me on Quesh. The same thing happened on Nar Shaddaa when a Republic squad ambushed and slaughtered my peers at a penthouse party, and ended up full of holes themselves.

I've come to greatly enjoy the interplay among the Hunter's crew. They are on their own much more than the other characters I have played, who are always reporting back to someone. Things even got a little tense between Torian "Death Before Dishonor" Cadera and Gault "Credits Before Anything" Rennow. I may have mentioned before that I thought the Great Hunt extended into at least the second chapter, and didn't remember much of anything after that. I'm glad, though, because it makes the story more interesting than it would have been if we were simply reviewing it.
Imperial Agent Ginie "Cipher Nine" Sunfleur, in the meantime, has shaken off the Imperial conditioning that was commandeered by Ardun Kothe of the SIS in order to control her. War with the Republic is imminent, as the Minister of Intelligence assigns Ginie to investigate the shadowy Star Cabal. One thing that pissed me off about the Agent story when I went through two years ago was that the brainwashing was not part of my backstory. Last night, however, during Scooter's play-through, I realized from the dialogue that it had happened after the Agent defied and killed the rogue Darth Jadus, not prior to the Prologue assignment on Hutta. It was still annoying. But it also lasted for months on our first run. With 12x, we did Chapter 2 in just a few sessions.

I don't think I'll have time to get through the original storylines on my Republic characters before 12x ends just prior to the new expansion. My concern now is deciding which characters Scooter and I should take through the 50-60 content from "Rise of the Hutt Cartel" and "Shadows of Revan." I hope we can do it on at least one set that we can then take into "Knights of the Fallen Empire," since I know that at least some of the characters in the new content are folks we'll have "met" already.
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